Thursday, 18 June 2009

An Angel For Jake.

My youngest came in from college today and asked "How's Jake doing?".

Now Jake is the son of a blog buddy and I follow his progress on Jake's Rehabilitation.
Silly lad went and smashed himself up very badly, while messing about on his BMX with friends, ruddy kids, you think you can take your eye off the ball 'cos they are grown and big and then they go and do something daft....Oh well!!! boys will be boys.

Well today, young Jake is up for surgery, so while he will be out of it, Mom and Dad will be wearing grooves in the carpet, with all that pacing back and forth.

We're asking the Angel's to keep Jake safe, please, just send a little prayer to your God and Angels for Jake's safe recovery.

Ashley, my eldest maintains that she is a sight for sore eyes and his eyes will want to get better so he can see her, he also wishes you luck Jake.

Our thoughts are with you, all xxx

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