Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hastings.... part 3....Seagulls

Now I know seagulls are not every ones favorite birds, they're not even mine, but in some ways I do think they get a bit of a bad press. One of the things I like about Hastings is the gulls and I can say with hand on heart, that I have never had a bad encounter with the gulls of Hastings, whether they are just well behaved or well fed, because of the fishermen who work on the shore line I don't know, but they have always been well behaved, even my children have never been attacked by them.

This one was up on the top of the cliffs and the photo really doesn't show you just how big he was. His feet were as big as the palm of my hands, he was magnificent and stayed with us for some time. I think he was hoping I would fed him, but we didn't have anything with us for him, although he did enjoy a Haribo, that took him a nano second to swallow, I'm really not proud of myself feeding him junk food, what was I thinking.

This, I am pleased to say is not my car, not because it is a Honda, but because it has a ruddy great big seagull on it, basically ANYWHERE is a perch for the gulls.

I was just thinking about the sounds of Hasting, the little fair ground noises, the miniature trains mini rumblings, the sea crashing against the shore, the rolling sound of the pebbles as the surf pulls them back down the beach, so the sea can reclaim them, the sounds of laughing people having fun, the children yelling and squealing with the delights of a day by the sea, are all part of the orchestra of Hastings, but the lead is the calling of the gulls, I love their sound.

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