Monday, 15 June 2009


I had a great day today, as I got to spend it with my most beloved Frances, in one of
our favorite places on the south coast of England...Hastings.

We love it there, to be honest I was meant to be taking him to work and then heading off to Brighton, another town on the south coast.
I like Brighton, it's a very lively place, however Hastings has always had my heart.
I have many a happy childhood memory of being in Hastings with my Grandparents.

We were on track to make it on time, however when we got to the M25 motorway, (or as I like to call it the M25 car park) We discovered that we would be in a massive traffic jam as there had been a major crash at junction 6 and we were only at junction 2, we know the M25 well, having spent years driving it, so after a little chat we came off and headed for Hasting instead.

Frances took a little persuading, he's our main bread winner these days, working long hours, 6 days aweek and is very serious about bringing home our bacon, but after not moving for over twenty minutes and realising this was only going to get worse, as more traffic joins the M25 at other junctions, he rather fancied Hasting his self. Which I was glad of, as he needed some time away from all his normal pressures.

We hit Hastings about 9:15am, parked at my favorite carpark, right at the bottom by the fishing huts. We then had a leisurely breakfast and strolled around, climbing up the hills to the top of the cliffs, then we bimbled about the old town, which spreads up into the cliffs and back down into the old town and the wonderful old shops there, then back to the beach. We had glorious weather and as we were still fairly full from breakfast, we were very naughty and had only ice cream for lunch....tee hee.

All the time we were bimbling, we took a lot of photos, a few of which you can view in this post, but way to many to load up now, I expect I will bore you with them later in the week,lol.

It was a great day at *work*.....,just as well we are self-employed, no boss to get mad at us. Great food, glorious weather, favorite town, ice cream for lunch, but best of all the company of my beloved, what more does a girl need.


  1. Your day sounds like a dream day. I love your background song--What a Wonderful World. It's my all time favorite.

  2. Enjoy! Enjoy! Sounds like you both deserve it. Weather looks set to be good too!! Haven't been to hastings since I was about 8 (many moons ago!!)- I recall that cliff railway. Must sort out this blogger stuff - haven't discovered how to add tunes n slide shows but we will, I'm sure. Have fun!!!


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