Monday, 17 August 2009

It Wasn't The Cat.

Misty cat is a very placid cat, she came to us as a wild feral cat. Oh boy! Oh boy! was she wild. Mind you if I had been an outsider moving into my house with a mad mother as head, 3 crazy kids and two troubled foster kids, I'd have been wild. eeeeek!!!not sure how the kids grew up normal.

For months we just threw food at her and slowly she came nearer (a bit like we are doing with Bear cat, he nearly came in the other day) and soon Callum had become her bestest of best friends and he brought her into our home, much I must say to my annoyance, but Callum is a sweet boy and he was about 4/5 when he brought her in, telling me she was sweet and how he "lubbed" her so very, very, very, can we please keep her I dos lub her mummy, pleeeeeeaseeee!!!

His huge owl like brown eyes pleading with me....oh I was weak and I couldn't say no. But I quietly told the cat that if she scratched my baby, I would break her neck. We drew battle lines with each other and danced around each other for years with me calling her cat.

You see I wanted a dog, Stupid really as I am scared of dogs and rarely go near them, there are a few expections, but in general I am a baby round them and they always bite me, as they sense I am's because I know they will bite me!!!!!! Circles; it's a circle, I'm scared, the dog knows, I get more scare, the dog bites me. Circles. However I did think that a puppy would cure's a puppy how hard can it bite and I figured that I would have got use to it as it grew and it wouldn't bite me when big. Oh well!!! the best laid plans of mice and men and Lia.

So here we are with an unwanted cat. Callum and Misty's friendship grew, to this day 12 yrs later she has never scratch him....every one else in the house has battle scars, me bearing most of them. Some times when I use to walk passed her she would hiss at me.

About 2 yrs ago she got sick and we nearly lost her. I cannot explain how upset I was by Misty's illness and I nursed her through it, barely leaving her side for about a week. Sleeping with her on my bed, hand feeding, carrying her to her litter tray and just overwhelmed with love for this little cat who had lived in my house for years and whom I had barely tolerated. I saw to her welfare in vets visits, good food, etc but I can't say that I really warmed to her, she wasn't the dog I wanted...what a brat I was.

Anyway she slowly got better and we seemed to have crossed a line. Now we are very good friends and I just love this little fur ball, she really is something else to me now and often when I am bloggong she is sat right next to me. Or on top of the laptop, if I don't give her enough attention. Misty is a sweet little cat and I am proud to have her friendship.

It comes to something when the Misty cat's ears go flat on her head and she buries her head into her fur. Making moaning noises. Then the smell assaulted my nostrils,

"Oh my gosh Misty, what's that smell!!!!!" I hear Callum cry. There's the boy wonder, all 6ft 4in of him waving his arms around like a windmill in a hurricane.

Callum: "What you been feeding her woman"
Me: "Me!"
Callum: " Yes! you. When ever you feed her, you give her blooming fish."

Callum has a phobia about eating fish. We have had gold fish since before he was born and as a baby, I use to plonk him in his baby seat next to the tank and he would watch the fish. He won't eat fish, not because he doesn't like the taste, but he says it makes him feel guilty, as if he's eating his own pets. He's been like that since he was four and smarty that he is worked out that the goldfish were well some thing you can eat. Thank God, he wasn't raised on a farm, he's not that great with vegetables.....fruit is acceptable. I have no idea how he got so tall, but he does have hollow legs.

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
Calm returns to the room
Tick, tock, tick, tock,

Callum: " Oh Misty! That stinks, do you have to. Your meant to be a lady".
This time his arms are waving around so fast, that air traffic control at Heathrow are redirecting planes over the house. I'm only glad no one switch on the landing lights!!!!.....(hallways here are often called landings)

Misty at this point looks like and angry earless cat, her ears are so flat to her head.
Misty looked up at Callum and I swear she gave him such a look of distant, like only a prim and proper Victorian maiden Aunt could give.She stood up, stuck her nose in the air and turned her back on Callum. Then turned her head around like an owl and stuck her nose in the air.

Me: "Oh Misty,what's up he upset you?" As a 747 comes in low over my head.
Callum:"Me! She's the one with the stinky pants"

At this Misty got up, walked over Callum's keypad, where he was playing a game and plonked herself down, the screen went mad, sending his game into chaos. Would she get off no she wouldn't. Misty was at her most regal self giving him the" evils" as Callum put it. (dirty looks)

Misty clearly had no intentions of moving. At this Callum said putting his face right up close to hers.

"Ok! Ok! it wasn't you it was me"

There was a pause for a moment and then Misty got up and flounced out the room giving Callum a haughty look as she went.

Callum mean while sat back down and sorted his game saying "Well that told me"

I swear that Misty knows that boy better than me at times, she certainly knows how to handle him and put him in his place.


  1. Hum, here we do have three dogs. And when they, uhm, 'break wind' it is a stinch that clears the room. Funny thing too is when you say, "Who farted?" all three will dance like they have to go outside!

  2. LOL

    How'd I KNOW it was the boy and not the cat!

    Isn't strange how they pick their humans while their humans delude themselves into believing they picked the cat. *laughing*

  3. What a great story, Lia....cats are very clever creatures !!! XXXX

  4. That is a wonderful story!!

    You'll have to come and meet george. He is not at all fierce. Puppies bite harder than grown-up dogs (in play). Puppies have sharp little pointy teeth and they stick them in; grown-up dogs have bigger but less sharp teeth and only pretend to bite!

  5. I did have a real life situation in which is really was the cat. It got up and moved for no obvious reason, before the smell had drifted. Once we established that neither of the people present had farted, we knew who to blame. It was a corker.

  6. Hey Lia, you have got it so right... I have always been facinated by Miss Haversham( see one of my earlier posts ) and these sorts of homes really appeal to me. Perhaps I WAS Miss Haversham !!!! XXXX

  7. I love how over the years you've come to adore Misty. I know for sure that the feeling is mutual.

    I can just imagine seeing Callum with his pleading eyes asking if he could keep Misty because he lubbed her!


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