Monday, 17 August 2009

Nutty, Don't Bring Me Cheese!!!!! OR Sauages!!!!!

Many of my blog buddies, know about my wonderful bestest friend in the whole world Nutty.

Well, look at what she is exposing her 3yr old daughter to. Little Miss Nutty is running round at the top of her voice singing this little ditty.

While on the phone today to Ms Nutty, I could hear Little Miss in the background signing and the only words I could pick up was "Cheeeeeeeese" and "Sausages". Upon asking what she was singing, Nutty fell about laughing and said look on my face book to see. This is what I found, and that woman wonders why I call her "Nutty".

Ms Nutty and the Little Miss along with Master Nutty, her son are coming to my house for a little London holiday. Where they live is beautiful, they live in the middle of the contryside and the kids have never been to London, so we are all very excited about this trip and we are going to cram in as much as we can and give the kids a grand time.
Plus I will get a week of total laughter, which seems to tag along every where that Nutty goes.

Batten down your hatches London, Nutty is on her way!!!!!!!

I just hope she doesn't bring cheese and sauages.


  1. Too cute! I can hear it now in a three year old's voice and interpretation of what the words are. Have a fun full week with your friend and her family!!!!

  2. I love Nutty. What a lovely name she has! What a lovely way to be in this day and age! The only way to survive is to be nutty.

    You will undoubtably have more laughs and fun than you can hold in your arms. Savor it all and know that you're going to be just what the doctor ordered for Nutty. She does have a steady head doctor, right!!

    I'm just teasing. It's the nutty people who don't need counseling.

  3. Ah, it's the sane ones who ask for counseling. The nutty ones, however.....LOL

    Oh, what a grand time you'll be having. The more the merrier--and it sounds like it'll be the merriest of times.
    Enjoy it wildly--make every moment count!

    And don't bring me back.....lalala--everybody sing!! ;-)


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