Monday, 17 August 2009

Oh To Be This Blessed

Take a look at these two wonderful elder ladies.

See how much they love each other?

See the light in their eyes?

How brightly they both shine!

How they radiate happiness!

If I had a tenth of the time these ladies have had together, with my Francis (with an i) then I will be very happy and lucky indeed.
I don't know what the future holds 10, 20, 30, years from now, but I hope when I get to their age and some one takes our photo that we will still be radiating light, love and happiness.

These 2 wonderful women are Cardine Leto (96) and Venera Magazzu (97) and have spent 70yrs together. They kept quiet for decades about their relationship and love for one another.

Today is their 70th anniversary and they are having a party.
I wish them both the very best and hope they have a fabulous time, they so rightly deserve it.
They are so blessed to have spent the amount of years that they have together. But how hard it must have been for them at times.

Click HERE to read more about them, they are so great.


  1. 70 years together.......oh my--I hope the party is a hit. I don't know how it could be less with those two as the hostesses with the mostest!

  2. Oh Lia... I love this story......they don't look their age, do they ? Perhaps that's because they have been so happy together for so long.
    Isn't it terrible that they had to keep it a secret for all those years ?
    I wish them as many years of happiness as is possible and a wonderful 70th anniversary , and thanks for sharing this story. XXXX

  3. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

  4. Bless them! What an amazingly long time. And they look so happy.


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