Monday, 5 October 2009

Normal Service Is Resumed.

Am over my major rant now, not that I regret saying it, the families tend not to have a voice, as it's all about the poor poor pour them another drink alcoholic.

Normal service will now be restored.
Thought you might be in need of a laugh after my last post, I know I was.
So here's me with my usual irrelevant self.

And this one just 'cos it cracks me up.


  1. Hey, that was a good rant, haven't read one like that for ages!

  2. I don't lose it very often, but oh boy when I do,
    just remember to duck, lol
    Much love

  3. Oh I love Al Yankovic, funny.
    Just what you need after yesterday. Good on you girl. Laughing is the best medicine. Am thinking of you and your family XXXX

  4. I'm so glad you're in the mood to laugh and have fun again. You and your family deserve happiness and no more dealings with you know who.


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