Thursday, 8 October 2009

Funny Signs

I went to visit my blog buddy Liz today, in fact if you are one of my blog buddies you already know that I try to visit with you all lots.

Anyway while visiting Liz, I read her post about funny Church signs and it reminded me of some I have seen and some other funny signs I have found.

So in the spirit of keeping my own spirits high, they do say laughter is the best medicine, there is some more for you all to enjoy.

Click here to visit Liz, she very warm and funny and her adventures with Harvey her mad cake eating dog will have you rolling up, especially if she has drawn one of her mad little cartoons to go along with the post.


  1. *laughing*

    Oh, the fence one is a hoot! :-)

    Thank you for the smile this morning.
    Geeze, I'm so glad to be back amongst the blogging world!


  2. Thanks for the nice words! There are some wonderful signs about. I love the sharp-edged sign one. Crazy!

  3. I love strange signs! Makes you wonder what the people who got the sign were thinking! :) Thanks for the laughs!


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