Thursday, 8 October 2009

Master Of Self Control.

I know, I know I shouldn't laugh, but oh Gosh this is brilliant.
This You Tube is amazing.
Up and down this country there are people living with nightmare neighbors or their feral-thug kids and as some of you know I have my very own bad neighbors.

This homeowner gives this little so and so a lesson he may not forget in a hurry.
Researching this a little more it looks like the homeowner might actually be a 1st Gulf War vet, he certainly controls himself and stands with a military stance.

If I ever met this man I would shake his hand and buy him a beer, as I know how darn hard it is to hold yourself in control while someone is completely in your face.
I would also like him to teach me how to do this, just because I'd love to see my neighbors face if I ever did it to him.

But having said that this is a masterpiece in self control.


  1. I would have decked him a lot sooner....

  2. How did he knock him down so easily? I take it the punk was all mouth and no muscle.

    I loved seeing him slink away.

  3. Oh that was brilliant, Lia. ...All that bravado and one swipe and he's a quivering wreck. Brilliant. XXXX

  4. about self control.
    Never once did the fella give him an emotional reaction.....

  5. Lia: I miss you. Please come back, ASAP.

  6. Lia!!! Ohhh Lia! Where have you been?! I miss reading your wonderful posts! I hope everything is alright and you're just on some wonderful vacation, having the time of your life!

  7. Yup--you'll have to forgive folks who wonder about your wellbeing in the silence that's happening here. We miss hearing about your life.

    Like the rest, I'll hope it's an overflow of GOOD things that have claimed you.

    *sending hopefilled warm thoughts*


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