Sunday, 4 October 2009

Barbra Streisand.

I have been a massive fan of Ms Streisand for years now,
I adore her music, but is it when she is in movies that I love her the most.

You see she reminds me of my own mother.
It starts with the glamour of her and those finger nails. My Mum had nails just like that, proof that you can have beautiful natural nails. Mind you I think you need a good housekeeper in order not to break them; and my Mum did have a cleaner.

Her eyes are the same colour as my Mums as well, but it is her facial expressions that get me the most.

I watched her on the BBC tonight and it was as if my Mum had jumped back into life.
Barbra has the same twinkle in her eyes and cheeky smile that mum had.
She is also a very elegant woman, again a trait of my Mums.

They aren't that far apart in age either as Barbra is 67 and Mum would now be 70.
Looking at her tonight was almost like getting a glimpse at Mum.

I guess what it is, is that they are both very glamours women, who are very elegant, charming and funny, but have a spark and twinkle about their eyes; and so wonderfully Jewish.
I still miss Mum.

Anyway, Barbra has a new album out after 4yrs and I can't wait to add it to my collection.
I have added a couple of You Tubes for you to enjoy, but you can also see the whole BBC interview.

Barbra is very funny in it and it's worth going to You Tube to see the whole interview, although I can't stand the interviewer, I find him irritating and sleazy, however he does behave himself this time.

Click here you'll find the whole interview on this channel

Here is her official web-site where you can get a little taster here of her new album.



  1. Lia, you crack me are too funny, tell those wonderful boys of yours, I will keep posting my southern recipes from Atlanta, if you keep cooking them, although they may never leave When I make new recipes, I always think of your family and hope they like it...

  2. You are so kind to inquire again on how my little man is doing. He's better, thank you. Fortunately, it is a mild case and the meds are working.

    As for Babs, I LOVED her in movies. My favorite is On A Clear Day. Hysterical! My mother is a huge fan of her music, too, so I'll have to get this album for her. Thanks for the head's up!

  3. Saw Barbara on Jonathan Ross, Lia.
    I can't get over how great she looks and I don't think that she has had much, if any, work done. ... and what a talent she is. Your Mum sounded a really interesting women, too. You must miss her. XXXX

  4. I miss my mom too. Funny how we can still feel their presents through others...


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