Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bouncing Like Tigger!

Hello My Darlings,

Have you all missed me, tee! hee! I thought you all would be by now!!!!!!
Well I'm ok and the family are fine, they are all still alive, so they haven't annoyed me that much!!

Went off to the hospital today to see the Specialist and finally got diagnosed. It's only been nearly five years since I became ill. I have no idea how many doctors I have seen over that time period, but it's a lot. I woke up this morning bouncing around the house like I was Tigger.

Francis was glad to get me to the hospital, although I do think that secretly he was hoping that the doctor would section me and he could have a quiet life for awhile.

So I get to see the Specialist and she tells me that it is definitely Fibromyalgia.
After running a round of some of the most extensive any doctor has carried out on me, I have had blood works to look for liver and kidney function (I was only born with one kidney, which is one reason why I don't do alcohol, too risky), mineral levels, iron, potassium, etc,red cell function, cancers (although I couldn't help thinking that surely that would have shown up a few years back if I had it.) Scans for brain.(most surprised they actually found one) heart, lungs and my whole body looking for arthritis and rheumatism and tumours. Not to mention a whole load of other things that passed over my head she finally looked up and smiled and said.......

"For a woman with Fibromyalgia and a rather severe case you are in excellent health, even your heart is doing well, considering the problems you have had with it since childhood"

I laughed what else could I do, as I have said before we were certain that Fibromyalgia was what has been plaguing me for years now, it was nice to know that on the whole I am in excellent health and that I was right.

We chatted for an age and she is very pleased that I am losing weight and that I have such a positive outlook...I MAY HAVE FIBROMYALGIA, BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE ME!!!
I told her that and she likes it. We talked about what is my next step and I asked about swimming, yoga and pilates. She says I can get back in the pool as soon as I am ready.....

I'm READY.....I'm READY......I'm READY....look out pool here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She actually suggested that I do pilates, as she feels that yoga is too tough on the joints for people with stupid fibromyalgia. Now I need to find some where to go and learn pilates. But in the mean time I am to start with stretching exercises and I can use my stepper machine I think it's proper name is a latteral thigh trainer.

So this is to be the second stage of my recovery....

Keep up with the diet.
Start to gently exercise.
Get in the pool.

She was pleased that I have come so far in such a short time and basically told me to keep up the good work, positive attitude, and that while she can't really give me any treatment except pain management, should I get worse I can go back and see her any time, just call the clinic.

So lots of good news from me today and a second phase of recovery. I can't tell you how happy I am about this. Am bouncing around like Tigger......still.

Much love


  1. Fibromyalgia! YUCK. But at least you are now officially diagnosed and can move forward. I know how it is to have things wrong and not know what the problem is. What a relief this must be!

    I do both yoga and pilates, and honestly I think pilates is way harder on the joints. I have bursitis in my shoulder and bad knees, so I'm very aware of joint pain. But I find yoga does wonders for it rather than hurting things worse (although I can't do upward facing dog/cobra position as it hurts my lower back. Geez, I sound like an old lady!!!) Anyway, I'd say try them both a few times and see what you think.

    Good luck to you!

  2. It is great to have the answer to your problems. Glad that you have a great outlook on this and hope that you keep it in the future.

  3. Fabulous news that you are in great shape apart from the Fibromyalgia, Lia. Once you get back into the pool and start your pilates, you will feel like a new woman.
    Keep going with the healthy eating, and with all of these things in place, you will be bouncing like Zebedee !!!! XXXX

  4. Its good to know for sure and have a proper diagnosis. May you always keep in such good spirits daaaaaahling! I'm rooting for you.
    *kisses* HH

  5. I'm sorry about your illness but thrilled that otherwise you're a healthy woman. I'm also so glad that you can get in the pool as I know you've been anxious to do so for quite a while.

    I hope you'll find enjoyment in yoga or pilates as well. I've done both.

    I suspect that the exercise will do wonders for your sense of well being. I know I feel amazing after working out. Please take it easy at first and then work up to longer and more strenuous sessions when you're strong enough.

    You go girl!!

  6. That is interesting, yoga is too tough on the joints? I have never heard that before, and I used to be a yoga teacher. There are plenty of yoga postures/exercises that are all about stretching, and not even done standing..., and so many different types of yoga have emerged too, some of which are tough (I agree), but others are very gentle. I haven't done much in years, just the occasional pose every once in a while, but I guess I did yoga long enough (in my twenties into my early thirties) that I'm still very flexible.

    I wish you the best with it all!

    You could definitely stack your seaglass in display boxes..., or glue them on to..., hmmmm, vases and frames?!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Lia, the Google system seems to have lost your lovely comments on my blog.. sorry! I did approve them for posting but they've gone :(

  8. Hi Lia, You are amazing. Your blog is just a fabulous wonderful, chic, interesting, inspiring, colourful and a happy place to visit, read, and escape to!

    Thank you always for your positive feedback and lovely comments, I appreciate them all so much and thank you for always finding the time to visit Haven Home.

    I have many favourite blogs, but today, I would like to share the Sunshine Award with you, a special award that recognises the the positive and inspiring energy that you so wonderfully share with others. I have been given mine from the wonderful 'Southern Aspirations', who has so very kindly awarded it to me. You deserve it because you make others smile and always feel good.Copy the sunshine award image, as I have on mine, and post somewhere that will bring a smile to your face and others that you share it with:-)

    Have a gorgeous weekend Lia, congratulations on your contribution, and thank you.
    Claire x

  9. New to your blog, but glad you are feeling bouncy.

    I do pilates, a very gentle version, and I find it really relaxing. It helps my stress levels and muscle pains. Good luck in finding a good teacher, try for a small class where you get more individual treatment. There's such a lot of different teachers around. I am often in a group of just 3 or 4. Other places will take 30! That can't be relaxing at all :)

  10. Good to know you have a name for the pain!
    And even better that your bouncing round like Tigger!
    Check out Body Control Pilates they are based in Central London and would be able to tell you where your closest teacher is. Having done Pilates for 6 years now I find it so enjoyable for feeling in control of my posture and core strength. It's done wonders for my knackered old body!

  11. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.
    I guess the Doc didn't know as much about yoga as some of you, but she does do plates. Thanks also for all the great advice about what to do and where to go next.
    With your help and encouragement and my own bloody stubborn streak I think we will have this thing on the run before it knows what hit it.
    It picked on the wrong girl this time Mwhahaha
    much love

  12. This is good news! I mean that you are diagnosed, are in good health - and have a brain!

    Your attitude is surely helping you as well. (I have a friend who like you had has fibroetc since childhood and, I'm afraid to say, she can be a bit of a misery.) Keep up the chin - especially when in swimming!

  13. Boy do I know the relief that comes with having a bona fide diagnosis. I didn't feel so crazy--cuz it felt crazy and the people around me were diagnosising me as I went (which did NOT help one iota!)

    Himself always questions the validity of the scans that say I have a heart or a brain...LOL.... But I'm always glad to have a professional say that I do have one of each. Functioning ones, no less! Well....mostly functioning.....

    I don't know about yoga. I don't know about pilates.
    I do know about attitude making the world of difference in health and living life in general. YOU--have the right one to take you wonderful places. Hang on to it, it'll serve you well.


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