Monday, 25 January 2010

Polenta Biscuits.

Hello My lovelies,

As promised here's a photo of the polenta biscuits that I made on Sunday. I have made these often for family and friends and very few people dislike them. One of the reasons I make them is because they are gluten free, well almost and as a SIL has to have a gluten free diet they are great for her. Over the last few years we have made them with cheddar cheese, herbs and sea salt all without the sugar in them, with the sugar we have made chocolate chips, iced them, ginger, dried fruit, mint, lavender, rum, brandy and just about anything really.

They actually come from my all time favorite chef the irrepressible Jamie Oliver. There is an ordinariness to Jamie that I like. Jamie always strikes me as the sort of guy you could have a good laugh with and talk rubbish with down the pub. He seems to be just a really nice fella and in fact one of the schools he worked at while sorting out the school dinner fiasco was one my Callum went to and Callum says he was lovely to the kids and very down to earth.

Anyway these biscuits come from Jamie's book called "The Return Of The Naked Chef".
Published in 2000 by the Penguin Book Group (I S B N 0-718-14439-2)


Makes around 25 biscuits

170g/6oz of soft butter
170g/6oz sugar (I use raw cane sugar, but it's simply because I prefer it)
255g/9oz polenta (I use the fine yellow polenta)
100g/3 3/4 plain flour ( I believe my American friends call it "All Purpose Flour")
zest of 2-3 oranges ( I often use orange essence instead and just judge it by taste and smell)
2 large eggs.

Rub butter, sugar, polenta, plain flour together in a mixing bowl before adding the eggs and orange zest. (TBH I use my food processor these days It's easier and quicker) but if you fancy doing it the old fashioned way it works just as well.

Once you have mixed in the orange and eggs well, cover with film and place in the fridge for about an hour. Now I don't always do this and tbh they turn out just as well. The mixture is easier to work with if you do place in the fridge as it becomes slightly firmer and less sticky, but it makes no odds to the taste if you don't place in a fridge.

Place greaseproof paper on to baking trays and and spoon small teaspoons of the mixture in lines about 5cm/2inches apart. As you can see I didn't do this, but that's because the boys spooned it out this time and they used cereal spoons, luckily they didn't use my table spoons!!!

Bake in a preheated oven at 190c/375f/gas mark 5 for around 5-6 minuets, bigger ones will take about 10 minuets. Bake until the outside edges of your biscuits are lightly golden.
Remove from oven and allow to cool for 15minsuets before eating.

These are great with chocolatey things or ice cream or just a cup of coffee.
So there you go give it a try. I have given you the recipe as it is in the book. I how ever use sunflower oil and honey instead of butter and sugar if I am making them for my SIL, if any of you want that recipe let me know and I will post it up for you.
I can make these in just under an hour so long as I don't chill the mixture and I use my food processor. Let me know how you get on.

Much love

ps. I made it...I weighed in at 13st 1lb today, so I have managed to loose a stone and I have the hospital on Thursday, can't wait to see the Specialists face when she sees how much I lost.


  1. Well I love polenta and I love bisquits, so I'd have to say they sound delicious!

  2. These are really moreish, try them they don't take long.

  3. mmmm!!!! I can't wait to try those!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. What's polenta? Congrads on the weight loss! You go girl!!!

  5. Polenta is corn meal or Maize as you might call it and is mostly yellow in colour but does come in white as well.
    The yellow tends to a finer ground corn meal.

  6. Yum!

    The flour would do me in, but.....YUM!

    We had kebabs tonight....YUM to those, too! :-)

  7. Mel, you can change the plain flour to a rice flour, I do that for my gluten free sister in law as she can't have flour either, but you may need to add a little milk or soya milk or rice milk to make it easier to mix. Do it little by little to you get the consistency you would think is right.

  8. Well done you on the weight loss, how many bickies does that mean you can eat?

  9. Ah, so relooking at the recipe, if I take out the orange part, you have corn bread!


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