Friday, 29 January 2010

Into The Wardrobe You Go

Hello My Darlings,

Well here we are nearly at the weekend and some one has stolen the sunshine. Yesterday was glorious in London and I went out in a dress with a little thin jacket and legging under it, with my favourite boots on.
Today I woke up to find the bed empty, Francis as returned to work and I had got so use to him being there over our long Christmas holiday, so I guess it's official now the New Year is here.

I got up thinking it was much, much earlier than it was and padded into the craft room. Which as you all know is at the front of the house and looked out over London.


Totally dark grey for as far as I can see. I watched the clouds sprinting over the sky as if they didn't even want to be in London today. As we are up so high we often have the wind whistling passed us and there it was, the horrid eerie low tone whistle that whips around the house enveloping us all in what feels like a chilling murder mystery.

I thought to myself, it's no good we all have to get out of here and find some real sunshine.
Please follow me into the wardrobe, there's a little door in the back of it that leads to somewhere magical..........

Notice there is no mirror on the outside, well that's because I don't want you lot wasting your time looking to see how beautiful you are....I already know how lovely you all are so there's no need for you to waste your time...come on.....

Ahh that's better, just feel that sun and how the warm breeze kisses your skin.
If you want you can walk across the jetty, but personally I am going to swim across (there's no illnesses on this side of the wardrobe) as I want to see the fish and say hello to them.

The fish all say Hi and if we could just refrain from eating them today they would be very eat fish I replied, never not this side of the wardrobe anyway!!!!!!
Ssssshhhhh don't tell them I lied, I told them we are vegetarians, they seemed happy with that.

Oh I do feel some much better for that swim. Don't I look great. I love the wardrobe as it means I can be and look any way I feel. I think I am looking rather fetching as Ursula Andress.

Oh yummie the cocktails are here,

Cheers everyone, bottoms up!!!!!

We have a choice now, we could all just lie around in hammocks and talk nonsense and gibberish.
This one is my personal favourite hammocks,

But it's ok there are loads here for all of us........

Or failing that those of you who want to stay and right the world can, but I'm all for going off for a walk and seeing what we can get up too.........................

Rocks....lots of them, ok which one of you dreamed up the rocky beach. I think I have to explain to you how the wardrobe works.
This is not a Narnia type of wardrobe, where you go through the back of it and there is a whole new world. Oh no, don't be fooled, this is far more special. You see whoever has the strongest desires and imagination can dream up anything. So stop thinking about rocky beaches.....stop it I say....this is my fantasy and I won't have rocky beaches in it....tut tut!!!!

Oh well we might as well walk to the end of the rocks and see what's around the corner..........

Oh you lot are just impossible at times...........ok lets try the next corner then......

Which one of you did that.....I think you had one too many cocktails!!!!!!!!!!!
No that is not the entertainment for the Ladies.......decorum ladies decorum.
Now come along, gosh your so naughty sometimes....lets go this way.

Can you all hear the gentle swish of the ocean slowly rolling up the beach, it's so lovely here.
Total escapism.......What's that in the water.....

Oh no!!!! It's pirates, that who I think it is?....Johnny Depp, well that's better and at lest he has his clothes on, although he does seem to have come across as a bit..............

.......................shy all of a sudden! What is he up to?

I think he is leading us to the pirates hang out.

Or is that a pub, oh well they have to get their rum from some where.........

I think we might need to dress up as pirates to get in there they seem to have rules which always seems to go against the way they actually live their lives.

Trust you lot to find the dressing up box so quickly, anyone would think you all had a taste for rum. Although I must say you do all look very fetching.............

Your a rum looking lot you really are, your all so getting into the spirit of this or are the spirits getting into you all!!!!!

Seeming as you all look like your having so much fun I think I will leave you all here to carry on enjoying yourselves and go home to cook tea for the family. While we have been here it has been snowing in my area of London.

Enjoy the pirate cupcakes, bet you didn't know they like to make cupcakes. Here is some they made earlier.

Oh and don't worry about finding your way back to the wardrobe and home, this little guy will show you the way.

Much love


  1. I could use one of those tropical drinks about now.....

  2. Dear Lia,
    Thanks for the wonderful trip through the wardrobe.
    I have now got the most beautiful tan, have had a chat with Johnny and eaten my way through a zillion pirate fairy cakes..... and when I got back, my husband told me that there was a layer of snow outside !!
    Thanks for the lovely comment. I didn't think that many people would know much about pargeting. It is a dying art, although, there are still people having it done.
    Have a great weekend, Lia. XXXX

  3. Marvelous, simply marvelous, my dear. I had the absolute time of my life and find your humor and modes for providing entertainment out of this world.

    Do you know how really clever and wonderful you are?

  4. Arrrrhhhh!! ;-/

    <-- practicing for Talk like a Pirate Day, tyvm

    Oh, but what fun whilest I don another sweater and pretend the -2 doesn't exist. LOL

    I'll take your grey and raise you subzero temps!
    Yeah, yeah.....I know--PASS!

    Enjoy your weekend ma'am.

  5. Oh, "total escapism" sounds wonderful..., no drunken (naked) men, or pirates for me. Just hanging out, swaying in a hammock!!

    And your view sound wonderful too, Lia!!


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