Friday, 19 February 2010

I Live With Some Very Smart People.

Hello Darlings,

Where would I be if I didn't have you lovely, wonderful and special people to help me out.
Along with you and Nutty, I have an answer for Francis.

Okay, we're going to do this. (Be brave Lia, be brave!!!!)
I'm going to pack up this house, clean out the cupboards and bury the bad memories in the back garden.

And; while I am at it, I think I will find every Holy man I can find, to bless this house for the next people. As well as wishing them luck with the neighbours. When I really did think of it ( I was up till 5am thinking), even the good neighbours aren't that great. The only thing that makes them good is that they aren't the bad neighbours. But it's not as if we have friends here on the street after being here for 14yrs.

I can't say I have a friend here any more, we did have some wonderful people on this street in our lives, but over the last few years they have all gone. To be replaced with people we are barely on a nodding terms with. Don't get me wrong they are in general nice people, but I have spent more time with you and know you better.

In fact all our friends are spread out around the Country or the World. In 2hrs I could be sitting drinking coffee with Nutty, hardly a million miles away, if I would only leave the house and my fear of what the bad neighbours will get up to while I am gone.

So it's madness to be here!
Why am I so attached to the bricks and mortar, they are only the things that hold our roof over our heads.
It's not what holds us together as a family.
The roof has done a good job of keeping us warm, dry and away from the elements.
But I did the hard work of holding the family together.

Everybody told me how brilliant I was, you know raising the kids, going to work and then buying the house.......buying the house.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
That's it I think, everyone telling me what a great achievement it was, for someone like me!

Did they mean because I was a single mum, or because I worked 16 hour days to hold the family together?
You know, I think they meant the house!
Was it such a big achievement?
Was it the biggest achievement of my life?
Was I suddenly more smart, clever, witty, stylish, fun to be with Or just plain more NORMAL!

Did it mean to my family that finally, at long last people had something normal to be proud of me for. Some sort of normal bragging rights and I have a very strong feeling that I played my part in all that.
I never really wanted to buy the house, I just got caught up in it all.
It was cheap because I had been a council tenant for so long.
People said I would make loads of money because of the way house prices were rising, well that only works if your going to sell and we all know the market has dropped in the last few years.

Francis says there is nothing in the rule book that says a house HAS TO make a profit and that a house is for living in and mostly being happy with your life within it.
Francis is right off course.....darn him for being so mature, forward-thinking and caring!!!!!

We have 18months before Callum leaves the college he is at, that is only a 10minute walk at most right now, so we would have to stay some what near but, as it was pointed out to me, he does have a mother with her own car who can very easily drive him in or pick him up on the days he is early or finishes late.

I live with some very smart people!!!!!
I asked the boys about us moving, not bothered and don't care where we live, but do care about you.
Were the answers.

In the words of Francis......
"There are better places and better ways to live our lives, than this way!"

I live with some very smart people.


  1. Its natural to be attached to your home, but hopefully you are moving into a better chapter of your life. I am rooting for you daaaaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  2. I thought this was only an "American" thing..., buying a house, which means "living the dream", having achieved something once you pay a mortgage. I don't know what the big deal it..., the house is mostly owned by the bank anyway, ha!! Sounds like you're ready for a change!

  3. Ugh, I just typed a book and blogspot didn't like it! I'll try it one more time..
    I know what you mean by being attach to the house. I was attached to our first house too. It was the house that I brought my babies home to when they were born. I was the house that most of our memories of the sons as little boys. However the house was too small for a growing family of 6. We moved to the house we are in now but I missed that first house until this pass fall. We went to a party at a house that was just like the first house. Hubby and I walked through the house taking it all in and when we left we both make the same comment,'There's no way we would have survived in a house that small with those boys!' I still miss house one, but I know it was a blessing that we moved.
    And looked at it this way, this might be your sign that it's time to move to the country!

  4. My father was in construction and we moved often.
    As a result, I never developed house attachments.
    Home was where my family was, wherever that was.
    I have since found there are things about each house that you love and things that you hate. No place is 100% right. It seems that the stress of hostile neighbors would far outweigh the stress of moving. Think of it as an act of healing. Good luck to you and your family!

  5. I admire your courage and am thankful you have several people looking out for your welfare.

    Just take one step at a time and you'll be in a better place soon.

  6. Yaknow--you do share your life with some very smart, very caring people......

    One box at a time, one cupboard at a time--AND you can have your very own crafting room maybe!

    Gosh.....I might wanna go house shopping now. LOL

  7. Hi Lia! You left a comment on my blog a while ago. If you still have a question about the little vintage house coat please ask away! I need to live vicariously through other ladies crafty-ness cause' I'm not allowed to make any messes right now :)

  8. Oh Lia, I am looking forward to reading about this journey. If you only knew how appropriate it is for me too. Give Francis a big thank you from me.

    I love how your people are so supportive and caring. And very smart!

    This one is gonna stick with me a while. Lots to think about...thank you dear.


  9. Dear Lia,
    Deciding whether to move or not is very difficult. I think that in your circumstances, it could be a really good thing to do. I know that you can't guarantee that the next neighbours will be nice but, they can't be any worse !!... and, house prices are going up.
    It is a decision that only you can make and I wish you all the best with it. Something will happen to make you decide. XXXX


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