Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Just Stuff In My Head!!!!

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope the day finds you and yours well. It's very bright and sunny in London today and I thought that I would go off into Greenwich, take a walk and take some photo's to share with you all.
Well that was the plan, it would appear that the car has other ideas and seems to want to spend the day in an entirely different manner.

It might have the flu, I mean it's been so cold out there of late that even I didn't want to venture out till now. It did try to start, but it just coughed and spluttered and died. So Dr Francis will have to look at it when he has the time. Oh well back to the drawing board.

I could in all honesty get the bus into the centre of Greenwich, but I don't do public transport, or as I call it pubic transport....this is because if some mad fanny/penis gets on the bus you can be sure it will sit next to me and annoy the hell out of me all the way. That coupled with having been attacked on a London bus while travelling with my then two small kids and being 7months pregnant with Callum at the time. People did nothing but watch, it was truly frightening.
This was a packed bus on a busy route and people just watched while I was attacked and there was no mistaking that I was expecting. As a result I don't like to travel unless it's by car now. Or with people I know.
And this from the girl who travelled the World alone most of the time from the age of 16 till 22.

I woke up so hungry this morning. I can not stop eating today. I stuck a huge note on the fridge door that says "EAT SENSIBLE TODAY YOU CRAZY WOMAN".
Callum who is on half term holiday from college thinks that I have gone mad and maybe I have, but I know what a hungry day means that I won't bother to think and will just grab the nearest thing that looks remotely edible and I don't want to undo all the work I have already put into myself.

Did I tell you that I had found a whole wardrobe full of new clothes, well I did.
Turns out to be my old wardrobe full of clothes that I haven't worn in about two years!!!!!
How great is that, I swear I thought I had opened my own boutique when I opened the wardrobe and discovered clothes that fit me again or will do very soon. What a result.
Now I really am not into fashion as such. I like what I like and wear what I am comfortable in.

My mother who was a Chanel, Dior, French couture glamour queen, once described my fashion style as "Rag dolly Anna, meets the circus, falls in love with cocco the clown and gets dressed in the dark, eventually grows up and becomes a colour blind hippy"
Sarah Jessica Parker eat your heart out, I was ahead of my time.
My daughter the beautiful Patricia, has inherited a combination of me and my mothers fashion sense. Basically she is very glamorous, beautifully groomed and marries fashion with her own sense of self and isn't afraid to try something different to her friends. I recently made her a tutu and she puts it with her rock chic look. Fantastic. She is so adventurous and such great fun to shop for or dress..I never played with dolls as a child and now I have my own dolly Anna to play dress up with.

Patricia is a tiny girl with a great figure and is one of those women that would make a black bin bag look like French couture. One of the best things I ever had to teach her was how to walk in high heels.
Surely every girls right of passage towards womanhood. I started her off in a very small kitten heel, which was apt in away as my own personal name for her is Kitten.
We had such a lot of fun that day and now she can happily walk, run and dance in 3in heels, just like her mother and grandmother.

Oh well that's it for me today, am off to raid the kitchen...for healthy stuff, I can read, I know what the note says.........

Much love

Ps I called this post" just stuff in my head" as I couldn't think of a title for it, anyone else ever struggle to know what to title to write or is it just that the madness in my head has no name lol.


  1. I can't walk in heels. I've tried and tried but I'm the woman who wobbles and falls downs. My mother never wore heels, not sure why, and she never bought me heels either.
    As for the diet, we all have those type days. I'm having a month of it. Thing is to not beat yourself up and know that tomorrow is another day.

  2. I have trouble with blog post titles too sometimes.

    I understand and also have days when I'm just plain hungry and can't ignore the feeling no matter how hard I try. It's like your stomach takes over and your self-discipline just sits there.

    Try not to worry. I think sometimes our NEED for food just has to be heard.

    I love your outburst of thoughts but am sad to know that when you were attacked on the bus, no one helped you. Unbelievable!!!

    You deserve much better treatment.

  3. I am with you about the bus! I was sooooo scared of it for the longest time. Then, I totaled my car and had to take it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...maybe I just got lucky though!

    I never know what to title my blog posts!!

    Yesterday was my day for eating, eating, eating...I swear, I could have fed an army with the amount of food I ate yesterday! :) Owell, today is another day. I'll just try to not be like that today!

    I am with you in the wearing what I feel comfortable in! I used to dress up all cute and be all uncomfy and, I just wear what I want and don't care what other people think. You don't like it, don't look :)

    Those heels are crazy looking! I think I'd somehow feel guilty about walking around on top of a poor lil kitty! (that's what that is, right? haha.)

  4. I love to come up with rhymes for my titles..., the bus thing, unbelievable!! The shoes..., I gave up on heels a long time ago, I liked them, bought them, but then didn't wear them, ha!

    And thanks for the note on the book!!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  5. That sounds a very good idea - leaving a message on the fridge. I might try that.

    Poor you being attacked on a bus. that must have been a horrid and terrifying experience.

    I have never been a high-heel-wearer although of late I have had a craving for red high-heeled shoes!

  6. I lost a bunch of weight about a year and a half ago and discovered that a bunch of clothes I had put away and labeled "Skinny clothes" actually fit again! Like you, I felt like I had inherited a whole new wardrobe. How wonderful for you!

  7. Oh, celebrate the new/old wardrobe--and the access to them all. I have boxes filled with clothes that I hope to grow IN I'm prepared, should I ever get that far. The goodnews is, smalls seems to always be on sale--the bad news.....I'm not a teenager any more! (k.....that might be a mixed blessing....LOL)

    I'm a heel wearer--and at 5'8", I don't care that I get taller. I'm very comfortable in heels and a dress/skirt/suit. Moreso now than ever, for some reason. I'll have to give that thought (always thinkin' I am!)

  8. I should write notes to myself and leave them on the fridge, but I know I will just ignore them LOL. HOpe you feel better soon.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. public transport sucks

  9. I have to tell you Lia, I first read this yesterday and haven't stopped thinking about it since. I'm with Shaddy, I love your outburst of thoughts like this. The attack on the bus is so scary and infuriating that no one helped! OMG!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

    I love this're such a great writer and I love how you think!

  10. I wore heels all the time till I started walking seriously. It was obviously all frivolous before that! And now I find heels just horrid. So flat boots or timberlands do it for me.


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