Thursday, 18 February 2010

Moving House????

Hello Everyone,

Hoping your all well. We are all okay here. I haven't heard from the beautiful daughter, but she must be okay or she'd be on the phone.

The much loved Francis is putting his foot down and firmly, or at least that's what he's telling me.
You see he's fed up with living here and has told me that it isn't good for me any more as I seem to have lost my mind some-what.

Yeah right!!!

On further explaining things to me, while placing foot down very firmly, (he'll hurt himself if he keeps it up!) it would appear that he has been quietly keeping an eye on me for some time now.
Well...since September it would seem and since one of our cars was damaged and the light, plus camera HAD to be put up.

Apparently, I have lost my creative spark and am spending too much time watching the street or the camera. I also spend way too much time in the house, than is actually healthy for me and I don't want to go out to visit friends, go to see a movie, out for a meal, go away for weekends, or leave the boys alone at's a long list!!!!

Okay so he has a point, I have to concede after a row that he's right. (yes' I told him he's right)
I just didn't realise it myself.....
I have been making up excuses as to why I don't want to do any of the above mentioned things and more!!!!
I just didn't realise it.......

So the cure is to move, according that is, to the oracle that is Francis.
I know! I know, he's only looking out for me like a good partner should, but does he have to be so bloody good at it.

My heads a whirl!!!
I have lived here since 1996, brought it in 2001, blood sweat and tears went into this house, MINE!!!! Plus the 16 hour working days.
Then there's the market and the fact that it needs some work doing on it, it's 3yrs since we decorated not 2 as I thought.
I've raised my kids here, we have yo-yo'ed up and down here as a family, but it's been home and life is like that at times.

Do I want to go?????????????? Yeah, but No, but..................
My head is a whirl!!!!!!!!!!

His parting shot was,
"There are better places and better ways to live our lives, than this way!"

My heads in a whirl!!!!!!!!

But Francis has a very good point.................


  1. k....I don't think that worked and I think my comment just got ate up by the moof monster. RAWR!

    Ah well--
    It's all good!

    It takes a well YOU to make more history, and bless his heart for being candid with you.....and yours for hearing him, yaknow? hunting! What great fun!!!


  2. If I were in your shoes, I'd be in a whirl also. It is so kind of Francis to want the best for you. Sometimes we can't see what others can. I'm proud of you for listening to him and for considering his plans.

    We've each only one life and if where you're at now isn't making you happy then perhaps you need to act. I shouldn't be giving advice such as this because I'm not very flexible. Changes blow my mind.

    I pray that you'll see the way to doing what's best for your family.

  3. Hi Lia,
    I think that these things have a way of working themselves out. Something usually happens that gives you the answer. Don't worry about it. Francis is only worried about you, probably because you haven't been 100% of late.... you'll both work out the right thing to do. XXXX

  4. It can be scary to think of a big change like this can't it? Francis sounds like a special guy. Sometimes we need a little bit of a nudge to point us in a new direction. I want you to be happy dear. You bring so many smiles and much happiness to others and you deserve to have it all.


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