Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Hello Darlings,

I love you lot and your wonderful encouragement of the things I do, no matter how mad they might be. I don't think that at any other time of my life I have had so much positive encouragement and support from so many people. You might not realise this but you all give me far more support than my own family and I'm not talking about the ones I live with under this roof, but rather my wider family. In fact some of them I haven't seen for years and have no intention of ever seeing again.
I miss them but I don't miss their criticism and sniping at me.

I don't believe me "Yes men", good grief that's just madness. You can't go through life having people say yes to you all the time, that's how dictators, mad-men and power hungry fools are created. Everybody should and simply must for their own sanity have people around them that say No to them, that tell them when they are in the wrong, about to not something that's nuts and are just being a pain in the rear at times. You only have to look to a lot of celebrities to see what I mean. Some of them really could do with a foot planted very firmly upon their backsides.

But neither should people have others in their lives that are over critical, as it can eat away at a person and my them feel less than they are.
Francis was the very first person to ever say to me that I was not a bad person, but rather a person bad things happened to. That was a bit of a shock to say the least and took some getting my head round. A whole new concept to take on board.

He, having planted a seed in my head then just stood back while I ran around trying to make sense of all the things he was saying at the time to me. It was ok to be strong willed, determined, ambitious, independent, feisty, talkative and lively. There was nothing wrong with any of those things and in fact that was what made me, ME and he loved me. And; after all weren't they all the things I encouraged and celebrated in my own daughter.

He asked me to tell him everything that was wrong with me and there was a massive list, then he asked me to tell him what was good about me and I couldn't do it. The only thing I could think of was that I was a good driver. I've been driving since 17 and I have only ever had two parking tickets and a totally clean licence.. I thought that was good. The only other thing, when pushed I could think of was that I was good to my friends.

Who do you think encouraged me to blog, which ultimately lead me to all of you.
Now I have all of you rooting for me and encouraging me and it has been wonderful for me.
I can't thank you all enough for all the support you send my way daily.

Much love


  1. Oh Lia. Sitting here in tears after reading this, both happy and sad ones. I am thrilled that you have Francis there with you to point out all the good in you that you don't see. From what I know of you, it'll take him a lifetime to show you everything.

    Thank you for writing this, and for all the quotes. This post really hits home. You are very much appreciated from this side of the pond too! You have no idea!

  2. I know what you mean, I get so much happy and positive feedback from people--including you, your comment really cheered me up! I am happy to say that a new blog is underway for me and it is FAB!!! Can't wait for you to see it when it goes up.
    May you continue to get loads of love and good vibes through your blog daaaaahling. This housewife is always in your corner.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. sometimes its hard to compliment one's self, especially if you are in a bit of a downer, but i'm sure you know that you are way more than a good driver and a good friend LOL... the list is probably endless

  3. Oh Lia,
    That's what we're here for....to support and listen. I'm so pleased that you found Francis...he is so good for you.... and we are here whenever you need a friend. Lots of love. XXXX

  4. Hey Lia, you're a star and I love reading your blog. God comes via Lia, cricket bat, blog. It's great!

  5. See what I mean about you all.
    You really are the best a girl could get.
    Much love

    oh yeah, and know that when I say much love I really mean it.

  6. How wonderful that you found the person who makes you the best you can be. That is true happiness.

  7. Well, shoot.
    I'm sorry you've not experienced the magnitude of your own greatness yet--I hope that's forthcoming...and I'm gladder than glad that you've got a fella who's wisened enough to see and know what he's got in his life. Seriously--as one who grew up never quite 'good enough', I know the hurt that can create. I got rebellious and said 'pffffffffttttttt' to all that....and created a whole lot of wreckage--WPIML tells me 'egomanic with an inferiority complex'....he's got a point... Well, he HAD one anyway.
    And then I discovered the greatness in ME. Which I'm excited to hear YOU discovering.
    About dang time! (yeah, yeah...just means you'll have to do double duty treating yourself more kindly TODAY!)

    I'm very clear what liabilities Mel has today. I'm also clear I'm one of those 'precious children of G-d'.....(which gets me all kindsa happy, frankly) And there's a greatness about me that's unlike any other. Just as there's a greatness about YOU that's unlike any other.

    Soooooo....it's about time you celebrate THAT in you. Even if you don't know zackly everything that makes UP that greatness in you--it's there.

    We oughta know, afterall......we chose YOU.

    Certainly you wouldn't be sayin' we have bad taste?!! :-/

    Pffffffffttttttt!!!!!! We have excellent taste in who we chose! So nah nah nah nah nahhhhhhhhhhh nah!!



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