Saturday, 13 March 2010

For All The Mothers


I hope you all have a wonderful Mothering Sunday and are shown how much you are loved.


  1. OOOhh I'm getting cross with Frank. He keeps singing over your uTube things and I can't get all weepy over the Mother's Day stuff.
    Have a wonderful day with your family. I know when mine turn up I will!

  2. Hi Lia,
    Happy Mothering Sunday.
    My son has gone off with his wife to Austin, Texas so that lets him off the hook but, we are going to Spitalfields for dinner at Galvins with our daughter so it will be a good day for me.
    I have one critisism about your post !!!! THE SPICE GIRLS !!!!...although, it's a good choice of song for today so, I'll forgive you !! HA HA XXXX

  3. Fly me to the moon.....lalalala

    Nothing like a good piece of Frank to start the day off right!

    Happy Mothering Sunday to you, Ma'am.
    I hope you're well lavished by all those who love you.

    (((((((( Lia )))))))

  4. I've just been catching up.

    Hope your day has been wonderful and that those rotten sons have made up for being the cause of your cut finger! And that you've been spoiled. You deserve it, lovely lady, not just for the weight loss and the gym attendance, but for who you are. xx

  5. I'm late :(. Happy Mothering Sunday dear Lia! I hope it was a pampered day for you!!

  6. Sorry its a day late, but happy mothering sunday daaaahling. Hope you had an awesome day.
    *kisses* HH


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