Friday, 12 March 2010

End of the Week Thoughts

Hello Darlings,

Here's hoping you are all well and bouncing like Tigger. I am and I smell of strawberries, but more of that later.

I thought I would clear up some confusion that I have obviously sent out there as a few of you seem to think the same. Sorry about that, I guess I am not the writer I thought I was!!!!!!!!!

"E" is my adopted sister and not my best friend, although that's not to say that we really aren't the bestest of friends, as we are. But our relationship has transcended a bond of friendship and we have been adopted into each other families, so we consider ourselves to be sisters.

Nutty is my best friend, she gets me, really really gets me. More so than some of my friends whom I have known for years and years. I simply adore her for just getting me right from the get go. I have never met anyone who is so in tune with me. I would be her sister in a heart beat, if it wasn't for the fact that she is over run with sisters already.
Anyway some one once said to me that friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us and I have 12 brothers and one real sister (a sister I can't stand to be honest as she is a liar and I have caught her out to often for comfort). So I am a little short on the sister front.

I didn't actually cut my thumb, but it was the only photo I could find that didn't involve blood and I know that some people do not get on with the sight of blood. Plus I was trying to convey that I was alright and it was a sort of thumbs up. It is healing unbelievably fast. Francis is convinced it is all the good food and veg I have been cramming down my throat under protest, dang it he maybe right AGAIN.

My weight has gone down Yes!yes!yes! I have gone from 13st to 12st 11lbs, *does little happy dance* am very pleased with that and hope to keep improving it.

And the really big thing this week is that I rejoined my gym. I went in on Tuesday and did all the paper work and photo ID, saw the trainer and sorted a plan out.
As you know at the moment I can only do swimming and pilates. But they do have everything you need there, plus they have changed a few things and you can now use the dance studios for your own practise if they are not in use. Which is a huge wow factor for me, as I love to dance.

Anyway it took me a while to dig out all my swimming gear and I finally went for my first swim today. Was really surprised at how much I remembered and how easy it was in many ways to step back into a pool.
To be an effective and efficient swimmer requires a lot of co-ordination and I am pleased to report that I seem to have lost none of mine. Mind you I did have to fight hard with myself to learn it all in the first place, so I think it might be well in grained in there. A couple of people commented on how good my technique was. But at the moment I can only do two lengths and then I have to stop and catch my breath, but it won't be like that in a month and 3 months from now I want to be able to do a non stop mile, which is 88 lengths of that pool.

Well I think that's me done, got to go and do something now, anything to burn off some more energy, I am so full of it that I am like a little Duracel bunny.

Have a good weekend.
much love

Roll on Monday I can't wait to get back in there, I only have off-peak membership, I doubt I would do evening and weekends, so just went for off-peak mon to fri, that'll do it for me I think.
Oh yeah and why do I smell of Strawberries? While I was rummaging around in cupboards and dark scary places for my swim gear I found a whole load of shower gels and lotions from when I use to go swimming before and I thought I would use them up. That's why I smell of Strawberries. I know it's all a bit old but it all smells lovely and is still in the use by date. I had hidden them in there away from one very beautiful daughter.


  1. You go girl! It's great that you are feeling better and are able to get some needed exersize that is fun! Love it that you are still loosing weight, it does feel great doesn't it?

  2. Congratulations on yor weight loss! As a life-long dieter, I know how much dedication it takes.
    (And I ain't that dedicated!) Have a great time swimming and smelling strawberries.

  3. It sets the world alight when we feel good about ourselves. And right now there is a blaze in the sky somewhere in London as you strutt your stuff.... Go Lia!

  4. Oy geeze--don't bother telling me the who's'll fall out of my brain faster than you can put it in.

    People loved by Lia--that's good 'nuff for me!
    12 siblings? O M G
    I come from a blended family--yours mine and ours...totaling 5 all whom I actually adore, truth be told. You can pick your friends.........yadda yadda yadda......

    Swim, dance, wriggle your way to happiness. I've no doubt you'll get those 88 laps done, you're a determined one!
    Congrats on the loss! (that always sounds funky.....LOL)



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