Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bell Tent & Glamping It Up.

Oh boy am I getting excited now or as we say it in our house upsited.

The weather is picking up and I am hoping to go camping soon.
I spent a small fortune on new camping equipment or maybe I should call it Glamping now.

Back in January, way before the Spring, let alone the Summer thoughts started to enter my head, I decided that I could no longer stand the nylon modern, tent that we have had for years.
Now don't get me wrong, it has served us well, so well in fact that I will never get rid of it.

Anyway, having stayed with a friend in their tipi, I really wanted one, until that was I discovered the price of them. Well that was enough to put me right off, they run into the thousands. Still maybe one day.

Then a friend told me about Bell Tents and as soon as I saw one I was hooked.
Now I have always camped, sometimes, it's been the only way I can get the kids out of London for a few days, (money has always been tight, one wage one parent and all that) but I wanted to have something different form the normal nylon tents and to be honest.

After much searching round the web, I found a blog that told me all about FBA Tent Company, on further looking, I kept coming across nothing but good reports about this company and in the end, I brought one from them. I was kept up to date with when it would arrive and in fact it arrived a day earlier, lucky there was someone home lol.

Now while I haven't actually camped out in it yet, we have had it up in our garage and everybody loves it. I really can't wait to go real camping in it.
But in the mean time I know that as my thoughts are turning to summer camping, I realise that others might be, so I wanted to big up FBA Tent Company and their excellent service and products. Look out for more posts on my tent and glamping it up.

We have an air bed, sheep skin rugs, lanterns, a fire pit, well loads of stuff to make a girl really cosy, I told you it was more glamping than camping.


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