Monday, 11 May 2009

This Surprised Me

I also found another quiz on About what your like at work. I was surprise to find how close this is to me at work, people have said to me that at work I am different to the way I am outside of it.

I had always put this down to the fact that I work in a male dominated Field, construction and that I needed to be accepted. I always knew that I was serious about work, but again I had put this down to being the sole provider for my growing family and being self-employed, no work, no money, the last thing I needed was unemployment.

I also do often doubt my own abilities and strengths, but I have got better with this and I do think some of that is down to experience and age.

I do find it very intriguing that a simple quiz can almost describe how I am at work.

Here is my results:-

Your work style

Persephone-inspired gals generally present one face at work that is quite different to their private face at home. This is not a bad thing, mind you - it simply means you know where your boundaries are, and how to behave appropriately in personal and professional situations.

One area you need to be careful of though, is that you learn to honour your innate skills and abilities. You have multiple talents which allow you to keep a lot of balls in the air at once, but these can come crashing down if you take criticism personally, or if you allow self-doubt to creep in.

Become your own best friend by loving all facets of your persona, and you can be the ultimate leading light in your colleagues' lives.

Note: pronunciation of Persephone: Purse-EFF-oh-nee

Look on the bright side, Persephone gals ;


To find out more about Persephone - her history and how her energy applies to you as a modern woman - you may join the innergoddess group (free) and receive a goddess message by email every Monday. Your details are strictly confidential.


  1. I did this quiz; I'm Cordelia :)

  2. Oh will have to go look up Cordelia now.
    Thing is are you anything like the quiz said you were?

    Come on 'fess up. ha ha ha


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