Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Number Two Son-Callum.

My number two son Callum, surprised me tonight.

We were at the computer desk, him on the PC and me on the laptop. I was messing about with my playlist. Anyway I started to play Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful Life' when suddenly Callum burst into song, singing along word for word. Callum has a good voice as he was a choir boy for his primary school.

After it had finished I told him, I was surprised that he a newly 17 yr old, knew all the words to a song older than his mother. He laughed replying " Who doesn't know it, I'd have to have spent my whole life on the moon not to know it and anyway, it's a good song, even for an oldie"

I love it when I learn something new about one of my children, what a wonderful world, mine is.

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