Thursday, 16 July 2009

10 House Rules For When I Am Away

I do trust the kids while I am, however just to be on the safe side I do leave them some house rules.

1-Do not murder each other, any murdering will be performed by me, as I above all else have earned the right, having put up with you all for this long.

2-Feed the cat, it's the black fluffy thing called Misty that meows and lives in our house.

3-Feed the other cat, it's the black thing that lives outside and meows. Answers to the name of Bear.

4-No murdering of each other to be performed with out me!!

5-Feed my fish, they are the things that swim around in a big tank in the lounge.

6-Feed my other small fish, they are the things that swim around in a small tank in the kitchen.

7- No murdering each other, it is still my job to murder members of this family.

8- Make sure your siblings are fed, they are those annoying other humans you live with, whom in general you take no notice of and are not allowed to murder.

9-Do not play your music so loud that the neighbours wish to murder you, as already stated it is my hard earned right.

10-No parties unless my grandparents are in attendance or you will be murdered when I get back.

So blog buddies, do you think I have missed anything off the list?


  1. 11. Climb the hill to the very top and knock on the door of one of the houses. Ask if their address is Kent or London. (That'll give them some exercise).
    12. Have everything spic and span when Lia is expected back home.

  2. hahahah, how did I manage to forget those two, plus it will get number 2 son Callum off the computer, mind you it's not much of a walk as we are more than halfway up the hill.
    When I get back, I will go to the top and knock on the doors to find out for us both, after all I have lived on the hill since 1996, so it's about time I found out.
    much love
    Lia xx

  3. I'm not sure you emphasised the not murdering each other enough. I remember being at home with my little sister.... Ohhh the temptation! :)

  4. Am doing this quickly as when I go on your blog my computer crashes!!! Thanks for comments and support.You are one of my blogging buddies, I just couldn't do them all at once.If I don't comment it's because I can't seem to get on your site. Have a lovely holiday and tell us all about it when you return. XXXX


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