Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Blog Buddies

I am a very lucky girl in so many ways....( we won't talk about the weather and the Universe trying to stop me going away) as lately I have had a few new people drop into my blog, sit down, grab a cuppa and stay awhile.

This is so very lovely and unexpected, I did hope that when I started, some one any one might like my blog and read it, but this is so much more than I expected.

Some of you have been my blog buddies from day one and now we are starting to have "in " jokes, which is so great.

So I just wanted to say thank you to all my buddies, for allowing me to babble on like a brook, you have all become so much more than I thought possible over the Internet and after recent events where I and my family were abused by someone we met through the Internet, it has been very refreshing for me to have met you all through the Internet. You guys rock and I am falling in love with all of you.

Also to my new buddies, I would like to say welcome to my madness, I do hope you stay and we become friends as well.

This blog has helped in so many ways to restore my belief that humans are in general kind caring and curious about each other and actually want to reach out to each other across all the boundaries of time, space, religions, politics and differing views and I seriously believe that every one has something to offer to others.

I should warn you all in advance that once I am well and have saved enough money, I will be on the move and travelling, don't be too surprised if I ask you to met up with me Mwhahahaha!!!!


  1. I'm thrilled to be a blog buddy of yours. I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I never would have known, you're always so cheerful and upbeat.

    I've met many unexpected friends online too. It is amazing and often easier to be friends with people through blogs than it is to have real relationships.

    Have a great week and I hope all goes well with your car. Won't it be great to have wheels of your own again!

  2. The coffee's quite good, ty.
    And it's a pleasure to be allowed to settle in for a good visit, truth be told.

    I'm sorry for your bad experience--but I'm really glad that wasn't generalized to the whole of folks who really are good people thru and thru.

    *laughing* I'm not speaking to me, of course. I'm a bit of an alien. ;-)

  3. See it's great people like you Miss Shaddy and Miss Mel, that keep me blogging and reaching out to the World.
    I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people to share my thoughts and mad rambling with.
    much love to you.
    Lia xx


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