Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Sister and The Universe

What is it about the Universe that means every time I try to get away or attempt to use the new bell tent, that makes it conspire against me and stop me from either going away or using the blooming thing, even in the garden.

As you know I am meant to be going away for two weeks this month. Spending one week alone with my sister E and the next week Francis was to join us for the last week and we were all going to a gathering with a whole heap of friends.

The thing is that my sister is now ill and it's possible she has caught something nasty from one of her animals. E keeps having bouts of sickness, where she can hold nothing down. E went to her doctors, but was unable to see her normal doctor and saw a male doctor instead, who actually put it down to hormones and the time of the month. I have been keeping a diary of her bouts of illness and can say that the two do not fit together.

I am worried about her and she is going to see her normal doctor on Monday morning, I just hope that she is taken more seriously. Although I can honestly say that her normal doctor is an amazing one and very serious about her care giving.
I have also done some research about this illness and I have to say every thing I have read points to it being from one of her animals.

I spoke with Nutty on Saturday, as she is a train animal handler (sorry Nutty if i have not given you the correct title) anyway Nutty knows heaps about animals and the illness you can pick up from them and once I had explained E's symptoms she told me what in her professional opinion was and I went on to look it up. I think Nutty is on the right track.

I just want my sister to get better so we can have our holiday as planned, but mostly I want her better as this is not getting any better and can actually lead to some very serious complications if left untreated and most doctors don't seem to know about it; as it tends to be rare.


  1. Oh dear--unidentified illnesses take a whole lot of energy out of a person. I do hope her physician is able to take the guesswork out of it and treat her accordingly.

    I came for tea, thank you.....and then I saw the bubblewrap. *laughing*

  2. Right then.....I had coffee instead, read from back to front and thoroughly enjoyed the reads, ty very much!

    I do remember July 7--the girl took a journey before and then after....when more bombs were going off.
    I was a bit terrified and ever so glad for her return.
    I'd forgotten....thank you for not letting me forget.
    I'll call her now and tell her how very loved she is.

    BTW--NO bubblewrap this time. *laughing* Took every ounce in me, but I resisted! (yeah ME!!)

  3. Good day Lia,I'm glad your still with me.
    I have no idea what happened to the London blog, maybe it was up for maintenance.

    Have a great day!



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