Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Update on my sister.

We have had some good news on my sisters health and if she can go camping with me.

The doctor, her normal one, did indeed take my sister more seriously.
The doctor has put her on some very strong antibac's and she is already improving.
The doctor has also told us that she will be safe to go away by Saturday; and is also running some more blood tests and other samples ( I'll leave you to work those out)

Some of you know that my sister is not actually my blood sister, but a best friend adopted into the family, while we have been in each others lives for an absolute age, we have never managed a holiday together and this was to be our first one, we were so stoked about it and really couldn't wait to go. So it was upsetting that we might not have been able to go.

However maybe ;I have been a bit hard on the Universe as it would now seem that it is back on track.....lets hope the weather is listening too.


  1. I truly hope that your holidays will work out! And I love the poetic writing on the picture. It kind of touched me because I have a "real" sister with who I had never been close at all..., but on my last trip home (Switzerland) we somehow connected and now I feel that I really have a sister for the first time.

  2. How special it is that you will finally be able to spend a holidy with your adopted sister. I have 4 brothers, but no sisters. I've adopted a couple of girlfriends to fill the void.

    Keep being your sweet self and the Universe and the weather will treat you right. You've heard of positive thinking I'm sure. I'm applying that philosophy to your camping plans.

  3. Maya, I do actually have a "blood" sister,but I never talk about her and we can't bear each others company for a nano second. I have no idea why, but we have never liked each other.We haven't spoken since the last time she lied to me, which was a constant thing with her. So it has been many many years since I tried, but lying is something I hate as it destroys peoples faith.

    Shaddy, I have 12 brothers and a natural sister I can't tolerate. E my adopted sister more than fills the gap for me.
    We are extremely close, i have no parents now and her folks have adopted me as theirs as well.
    Funny how life works out.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad that she was taken seriously and things are getting better for her.


    The Universe accepts your apology. ;-)
    Onwards with the glamping!!!

  5. 12 brothers?!!! Cor blimey. I found out a couple of years ago that I have a half-sister (my father didn't marry my mother but went on to marry someone else and had one daughter) but she doesn't want to meet me. Which is irrelevant. I am really glad you have a special sister and I hoep the doctor gets her sorted and fit for your holiday soon.

    Your blog stil goes pale white - as if it has drawn a net curtain in fornt of its face while changing - each time I try to scroll or comment or do anything, and it lasts for about 2 minutes!! So i'm doing all my commenting in one go.

    It's St Swithin's Day today. So far no rain here ... unless you count before I got up which I don't. So looking good for a camping holiday soon.

    Is there anything else I need to say now before i lose you again?!

  6. Hi Lia, I have my fingers crossed for you both.


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