Tuesday, 14 July 2009


(where the jet stream SHOULD be)

This is so not funny, blooming blooming weather


It's the jet streams fault, I looked up why the weather was so bad at the moment, I mean there really has to be a reason.

It turns out that the jet stream should be above the British Isles, however it's being lazy and is floating below, so it comes across the Atlantic and should go off upwards, missing us completely, however this year it has decided to float between us and France, who you may like to know are suffering the same fate weather wise.

Today I got up with about 6million things to do. One of them being my car, remember I told you that we are a one car family right now and that mine is parked up, well Francis (with an i) and myself sat down and worked out some figures and decided that we could now afford to put my car back on the road.

So yesterday, the car went off to have a new clutch fitted, went well and was back in no time, we paid for the insurance and tomorrow it goes off for a service and M.O.T . None of this will be a problem, as I brought the car from new and have kept up all it's services and the only reason we haven't used it, is it needed a new clutch and on my car it is a huge expense, to be honest the clutch should have needed changing 20 thousand miles before it did actually go, we found it astonishing that we got so much more from it, yipee for good engineers.
The other reason, being that we have only one wage coming in as I have been so ill and I didn't want Francis (with an i) footing the bill for my car. But a small windfall and a little juggle means it can go back on the road and as I am the only driver of my car with years of no claims and being a 46yr old woman the insurance is really cheap.

Well it needs a good clean inside and out, due to being parked up for so long.
Here's me dragging out the jet washer, extension cables, car shampoo, turtle wax, clothes, shammi, polish, hoover, you name it, I dragged it out there, just as I was about to start down came the rain........arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How hard can it be to clean up my car, pack it and go camping?
What is it about my plans that the Universe insists I stay at home?
Now you all know the reason why the summer here is playing up this month.....ME!!!!!!!

I''m going out into the garden now to shout at the jet stream and tell it to move it's blooming backside up above the British Isles, before I go mad!


  1. No, I really don't believe that the weather has it in for you, cos it has it in for *me* Always has.

  2. Congrats on getting your car all finished up.
    As for the weather, after you give it a good yelling at; it'll see the light (of day?) and had better move off... i'll clap over here and see if that helps. (a butterflies wings and all...)
    I hope you get out soon. :)

  3. well i shouted and it has stopped raining...for now.

    The car is now clean inside and out and smells nice, all we need now is it to pass it's MOT test and rain or no rain I will be off to Wales on saturday.

    Cogitator; I did say that the jet stream is lying between our two Conutries, maybe we are just too naughty to have sunshine this year, they do say there is no peace for the wicked.
    We will have to stop being wicked lol

  4. I'm glad you finally got your car washed. How awful that it started to rain when you first prepared to clean it. Good grief.

    So Saturday is the day that you had to Wales. I looked at a map of England so I could better understand your trip. I really hope the weather cooperates so everything will be the best it can be. You deserve some good times.

    I so appreciate all your kind comments to my posts and hope to return the kindness if the future.


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