Friday, 14 August 2009

Hacked - "Blizzard Entertainment Inc"

This is about to be a massive rant, sorry but I need to get this out of my system.

If I pay for a service, then this is actually what I expect to receive at the very minimum level.
It's not hard and it's not rocket science.

This is how it works,

For My Part:- I give you money every blooming month on the same date, I never miss a payment, my son plays your stupid dumb game which he enjoys and has been playing since 2006. Not every day you understand, but nevertheless over the years, I have spent a fair amount of money on this. I even pay you for extra security, so this does not happen, yet more money you are making from me.

For Your Part:- You take my money and give my son access to the game, you then protect his account and stop people from hacking into it and stealing his account and then going on to sell everything he has built up in the game. Should this occur you will then answer the bloody phone and help us.

Simple really, we don't want the bloody World, we just want what we paid for and if it isn't too much trouble for you to manage to stop this from happening time and time again, after all this is the SECOND time in less than a year that this has happened.

World of WarCraft is owned and run by "Blizzard Entertainment Inc", a large enough company that is more than capable of protecting it's gamers, should it so wish to, would appear that it doesn't actually give a damn.

I have spent the day on the phone, listening to how I am in queue, how I am important to you, how you are experiencing high call demand, how you will now have to close the queue, due to high demand, would I please call again.....................Oh believe me I will call again and again and again and again and again and when I do get through, I really hope you do record this conversation for training purposes.
As for e-mailing you, you'll be getting a copy of this. As will every site that mention World of WarCraft, so that other folks know just how useless you people really are.
After all "we are important to you"

By the way the office am attempting to phone is in France, the time I have wasted on the phone today, I could have used to drive to Dover, get the ferry and drive to their office, it certainly would be quicker than waiting for them to answer the phone.

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