Thursday, 13 August 2009

Shooting Star Fail.

This is the nearest I got to seeing shooting stars last night. We phoned other friends in various parts of the country, but it was pretty much the same for every. We would have gone to visit with friends, if they had had clear skies, but over half the country was under clouds.
I phoned Nutty today, as she lives over halfway up the country and in the middle of nowhere, so no light pollution, but despite being in a garden and not having as much cloud as we had here she never saw a thing.

Oh well next year.
I do hope some of you all enjoyed it, just so you all know, it isn't totally over, our planet will still be passing through Perseid until about 24th August so you will be able to still see the odd one or two.


  1. Oh nooooo. Shoot and dangitall.

    Well, if it's any consolation I was out again last evening and saw 18 in the two hours I was laying on the swing.

    So they're still there--doing their thing, even if it's lessening...still there!

    Ah well.
    Next year! :-)

  2. The day before was all clear..., then a blanket of clouds..., so there was nothing to see here for us either in the North East of the USA.

  3. Was a clear and quiet night, disturbed only by drunken singing coming from the gîte down the road. Lots of shooting stars. It was great.

  4. Mel, as you said "ah well next year" our world passes through it every year so it will come again. Glad you got to see some. Hope you made lots of wishes.

    Maya, If I didn't know better, I'd say we were under the same clouds. As we said next year.

    Cogitator, your just showing off now, is it not enough you have beautiful weather and a fine garden, you now have clear night skies. If your not careful I will pitch my bell tent on your lawn lol

    Much love to you all
    Lia xx

  5. great photo! cloudy here.


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