Friday, 14 August 2009

NHS At It's Finest.

For those of you in America, who are having to decide whether or not a system similar to our NHS, is right for your country take a few minutes to look at this. Click here the NHS at it's finest.

Now I'm not going to say to you that our system here is the best in the World. It has it's failures and at times it can drive us all nuts. I blame the Government for this and not just the idiots we have in power now (they are mostly like a full blown Muppet show- no offence meant to the Muppets); but rather successive Governments, who have not spent the money our taxes have generate for the NHS wisely, in fact they have wasted millions of it.

I hear that Canada has a system like ours and that it too has it's troubles, my advise for what it's worth is for your Government to take a long hard look at both our NHS and Canada's, then take the very best ideas from both of them and put controls in place to stop all the things that are wrong, happening to yours, should you go for it.

Maybe those who can afford to carry on paying for their own health care, could carry on the way they are, freeing up funds for those who can't.
What is it they say "You can't please all of the people; all of the time" that said, shouldn't health care be a right not a privilege. We are after all, nothing without our health.

I don't mind paying my taxes for the NHS, it's a brilliant service. Our doctors and nurses do an amazing job, often under a huge amount of pressure. I do how ever object to paying out for managers by the truck load who have huge salaries, when a decent wage is fought for by the doctors and nurses.

Thanks to the NHS, I was delivered of 3 healthy children, who were all born with a congenital heart condition, that was actually the reason why I lost 3 previous children, all shortly after their births. Medical advance in the way the NHS dealt with my pre-natal care, meant that I now have 3 children I wouldn't otherwise have. Not only that but they have kept them alive at times of ill health and crisis, doing an amazing job.

While I thank the NHS for their care, I also thank the people of this country that pay millions in taxes for the NHS.
The NHS has it's upsides and it's downsides, but overall most of us have a reason for keeping it and being thankful for it.

By the way the photo at the top of the post is of the first babies born the day the NHS came into being.


  1. Totally, totally, agree Lia....I know that it has it's faults but I have been completely satisfied with the sevice that my family and I have received from the NHS.....Sorry to hear of your sad times in the past but that you were blessed with three children that have obviously brought you much happiness, even though you must still have many difficulties, the NHS help you through these times.
    Very interesting post. XXXX

  2. Thank you for posting this Lia. I hope when Americans read it they'll actually listen to what you say and read the link you posted. The Republicans in America are trying to convince us that you have a miserable existence because of your healthcare system - That you wait months, even years, for needed surgeries and that many die because of the way your system works. They tell us your government tells you what doctors you can see and for what. Sadly, many of us are falling for the lies, so nothing will probably get done. I marvel at our ignorance sometimes. Thank you soooooooooo much for posting this my dear.

  3. Oh, I'll hope this actually gets to happen in my lifetime.

    Ty for sharing your story with us as well. None of that could have been easy.....and today you're graced with three healthy kiddos--how awesome is that.

  4. I think that despite our NHS system being a nightmare at times most of the population wouldn't want to be with out it.
    I think at times it is easy for us all to take it for granted, but every day peoples lives are saved by this system and yes at times we do have to wait, but waiting is better than nothing if you are unable to pay for care.
    It costs about £25 thousand to bring a baby into the World and we all know how priceless the life of a child is.
    Perfect or not, we wouldn't want to be without it.
    Much love to you all
    Lia xx

  5. I agree. When Husband had cancer his treatment was fast and, thankfully, successful.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the positive side of your government run health care program. Of course, nothing is perfect and we must be reasonable.


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