Monday, 10 August 2009


On Saturday I went with my sister and Francis (with an i) to Gravesend in Kent and due to the fact that a road sign was missing was ended up going too far along one road, but it turned out to be rather good as we came across this windmill with a tea room. Which wasn't open despite the sign saying it would be. I think it would have been nice to take tea there, oh well next time maybe.

I am not sure why it is painted black, but I am going to go back and explore the area, so I will try to remember to ask.
This windmill is in Rye in Sussex on the south coast, quite a good few miles away from the black windmill.
It is in fact a bed and breakfast hotel and is very much larger than the black windmill, if you count the windows above the deck/balcony, you will see that it has 3, where as the black one only has 2 windows. This one also has a wider circumference. It's huge.
However; it isn't as quiet as the black one, which while on the main road is in a tiny village.
This one is right next to the rail line which is a busy one and a river.
This photo was taken from the other side of the railway lines, and you can cross on foot here, it's a bit scary to across as you have to look for the oncoming trains, stay in the white lines when you cross over and make sure you step over the live lines.

The black on is in Kent and the white one is in Sussex.


  1. Can say we don't have any of those in this area....

  2. It's a crying shame that the tea room wasn't open. How dare they disappoint you! I won't have it, I say. I simply won't put up with such nonsense from the bloody fools who run the place!

    I see more blue skies up yonder. It seems across the Atlantic Ocean things are looking up for you. I love it.

  3. So you can sleep in the windmill? Yay, I want to go there!

  4. Hey there Lia,
    Have drunk the red wine but I'm coming over with the chilled white for a chat. Love the windmills and really annoying that it was closed...typical England !! We have a windmill near us in Stanstead Mountfitchet.I love them. They really have a presence. XXXX

  5. Oh my! I am loving these! What great scenery you live with my dear. I love your blog Lia, I learn so much and see so many cool places here!

  6. Thanks everyone,
    mamma, that's a shame you don't have any, as they are really lovely, oh well I'm sure you have loads of great things that we don't have.

    Shaddy, I will be going back there so we will be able to find out more about it and I will moan at them for not being open lol.

    Liz, you can sleep in the white one, but I do not have enough information about the black one as yet.

    Jacqueline I think I will have to come out your way to photo it as they seem to be popular, so maybe we could met up. ps I'll bring the wine,lol.

    Sarah,thank you I know of at lest two more in the area, so I will go and seek them out and their history , soon.

    Much love to you all,
    Lia xx


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