Saturday, 15 August 2009

Beetle Bug Fun For Sarah.

Nom, Nom, chocolate beetle/bug Here

A pretty one for the girls.

Here's one for the boys who need an office on the go, rather smart how he did it. Here

Fancey a spot of sailing old gal! This car was driven or rather sailed over the Irish sea, at the end it drove straight up and out of the water. (Malcolm Buchanan crosses the Irish Sea from the Isle of Mann in his roadworthy Beetle.)

NO! you can't smoke in my car silly, it's made of wood. This car really does drive. click here

This one for the bikers, but many more quirky ones here

I can't help thinking that the sign on this one should read "JESTERS", as in clown, is the circus coming to town. click here

A bit shabby, but still some how appealing.

Shiney blue, such a lovely colour and so cute. here

Here's one for the hen night. Only slightly larger than a hen house.

To take you to your wedding, but only if you get married in Gretna Green Scotland.

Fancy a bbq go here to see more

I found this one here this is my favorite.

Over here we call these beetle, but in America you guys call them bugs.Just another little difference in the way we both use words to mean the same thing.
I thought Sarah at Dayspring would like these. If you haven't visited her yet, you really should she lovely click here


  1. We call them both beetle/bug. We also play a car game where they are involved: When you're driving on the highway, and you see a VW beetle, whoever sees it first says "slugbug" and then gets to hit the other person on the arm. Guess that tells you how many bugs aren't in the states....

  2. O M G!!!! You sure know how to make my day Lia!! These are the best!! Thank you SO much for posting all of these.

    Oh yes, I love that last one too. So retro! I love the little blue bug with the camper, and the wood! OMG. Those two Minnie-Bug-Os are just amazing. Ohhhhhhh I love them all. I love waking up to your blog Lia!!!!!!

    Do you mind if I reblog a couple of these tomorrow (Sunday)?

    Big hugs from this side of the pond to yours! I owe ya :)

  3. We have two white Beetles: Betty and Brian, the soft top. Some friends borrowed Brian for their wedding last year. They really are the most smiley cars.

  4. I just can't help but be cheered up by them every time I see one.

    You have 2, wow brilliant.

    Lia xx

  5. Hi Lia, I love this story on the 'beetle bugs', takes me back to "The Love Bug" days, happy memories! How wonderful that it is back on the road and in our lives today, always fun and fabulous. Thank you for always imparting feel good, positive and happy stories, and for taking the time to share your enthusiasm and kindness with other fellow bloggers, your kind words are great appreciated:-) Best wishes and will visit again soon! Claire


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