Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kent & Sussex Countryside.

On our way to beach combing my sister and I saw these huge sheep in field, now this photo does not really do this animal any justice, has it was huge. We may be "Townies" now but we were raised as country girls, so we do know what sheep look like!!!! This is in Sussex
As we were driving along, I realised that we were between counties, on one side of the road was Kent, as in this photo.
Over the other side of the road was Sussex. As you can see the farmer was busy bringing in his crop, in fact there are 2 combine harvesters in this field. Look for where the dust is blowing and you can just work them out.
Another one of the combines working together, one was going one way down the field and the other was working the opposite way.
Back to Kent, well across the road.
And a little more of Kent, but look folks a blue sky day, which ever county we were in.
If you click on the photo's it brings them up so you can see in more detail, but they are huge when you click on them.


  1. I posted a comment here but it vanished. Oh well, here I go again.

    I'm so glad to see the blue sky and know you must be thrilled to finally have it over you. Your countryside is very much like what we have here in southern Wisconsin. Except I've not seen a brick fence like you have in your second photo. It's beautiful and a work of art.

    I enlarged all of the pictures to get more out of them.

    Thanks for sharing your joy at seeing the sun and having some fun.

  2. That was a BIG sheep. Big thing that I notice that was different from your country side and mine is mine is really green where your country side has a lot of brown.

  3. That is one healthy sheepy. *laughing*

    What a lovely day you had for the adventure. The sky is brilliant! And what fun watching the combines do their stuff. I've been known to pull over to watch. Maybe I'm just an easily amused kinda gal? LOL


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