Sunday, 2 August 2009

An Answer For Shaddy.

In one of my comments from a blog buddy today Shaddy over at Paper Cut Screams, asked me what exactly was in the photo that appears just under the bubble wrap. I have forgotten to put up the rest of the photo's, but it is from our day out in Hastings.
On one part of the beach, which by the way is a pebble beach, are some huge boulders that have fallen down off the massive cliffs that are along that part of the beach.

When we were there that day, we decided to go long to that part. Strictly speaking your not actually allowed on that part, because of the falling boulders, but I have been going there my whole life and have never seen one fall, mind you I do tend to stay by the shore line, after all you never know.

When ever I go back there after big storms, I do notice that some more have fallen and over the years I have seen this part of the beach change, because of coastal erosion, as I child I played on that part and so did my children, but I doubt that my grandchildren ever will and I would never go there with my kids now, even though they are grown. I know it's a bit naughty, but I do love that part and I always see other people there, some with their children even though there are signs warning people.

So the answer to the question Shaddy, is that it is one of the big boulders on the beach and I happened to like it because it had a big heart shape in it.
Also,if you haven't visited Shaddy's blog then pop along for a visit. Shaddy is a wonderful weaver of words and her photo's are simply lovely:) click here

I will also put up some more photos of Hastings, when I remember where I put my memory stick......oh the irony of not being able to remember where I put my memory stick!
All I do know is that I put it some where safe.

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  1. I'm sure glad I asked you about the boulder photo. You know what I thought it looked like? You're gonna think I'm nuts!!!! Oh well, here goes: Melting ice cubes on a few layers of paper towels. It seemed an unusual thing to photograph so I finally just had to ask you what it actually is.

    I can see why you were intrigued by the boulder. It's quite unique with the different shaped stones embedded in it.

    Thanks for straightening me out, Lia. Now I know.


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