Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beach Combing

I'm going off beach combing at some point today with my sister, but first I have to get the stuff ready.
Due to the unpredictable summer we are having here, I am dressing for a heatwave, but taking every thing I need for a monsoon, knowing my luck I'll be on the beach when tsunami hits the south coast.

Camp stove, kettle and tea things...this is a must, I'm British and must be topped up with tea at 4hourly intervals, I think you'll find that this is the law, that all British people's must be topped up with tea in order for us to cope with birth, death and marriage, British weather, the credit crunch, fire, flood, unexpected visitors, the loss of a pet, parent or loved one,road tax, tax in general, in fact just about anything really.

Camera and Batteries.... note to self DO NOT FORGET THE BATTERIES THIS TIME!!!!!!

Food....this is to accompany the buckets of tea.

Sunscreen....OK OK you can all stop laughing now. I'm British and I haven't seen the sun since the heatwaves of 1976 and 2003. A single sun ray may grace us with it's presence and I don't want skin cancer.

Umbrella....I said I was British, I never said I like getting wet!!!! We don't actually have webbed feet, it's a myth spread about by others who live in the sun or at least have seen it since 2003.

Jumpers, coats and boots.....required for the monsoon weather I am expecting. order to call the coast guard when tsunami hits south coast.


  1. I love your optimism! Or is it just wise and careful planning?

  2. I hope it was the perfect day Lia! You certainly know how to prepare for all things! I love it. And I love the two images in this post too :)

  3. You surely left no stone unturned in preparing for your outing.

    "Topped up with tea." What a cute expression and new to me.

    What brands and flavors of tea do you top your tank up with, may I ask?

    I so hope you had a lovely day and that you remembered your batteries. :)

  4. Lia, you make me laugh!!! I told you my Aunt is from England, she moved here after marrying my uncle when she was young...I have always wanted to visit, maybe someday I will with my girls, I know I would love it!!

  5. Well I'm from the south and here we drink a lot of tea too, though it's Southern sweet ice tea. Not sure if you would like it, but I enjoy SEVERAL glasses of it a day during the summer months.

  6. Oh yes.....tea IS required!

    I'm not one to point fingers--it's me and coffee. *laughing* Though there IS no 'topping off' when it comes to me and coffee. Just finding civility is enough of a reason, dontchathink? ;-)

    I hope the day was a grand one.
    And I'll patiently await photos...(hopefully batteries were remembered! LOL)

  7. I love the expression "topped with tea" as well! So cute! My brother's wife is from London and reading your posts reminds me of her. Just words used and such :) However, I don't know if I've ever seen her drink tea...
    I just wanted to share as well that I know you follow my blog I also started another one about our new family member Gidget. She's our new kitten, she's a secret tho, so I cannot post anything on my normal blog. The blog about her is if you'd like to check it out :)

  8. ohhh I should mention...she's only a secret because we are technically not allowed pets in our apartment

  9. I'm glad you didn't inlude a thermos! Tea just isn't the same in them.


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