Friday, 7 August 2009

My Boys.

This took place between my boys today, while I was on my way down the stairs.
Callum was looking in the down stairs hall mirror.

Ashley-"You checking out how ugly you are boy" laughing as he said it and checking out his self.

Callum-" No! Just how lucky I am"

Ashley- "How so?"

Callum - "I'm the same age as Harry Patch was when he joined up"

Ashley- "Yer, but he didn't go to the front till he was 18"

Callum - "7 months from now I'll be 18"

Ashley - "Horrible thought that, being on a front line at 18 and people trying to kill you"

Callum - " Brave men"

Ashley -" Brave men, indeed and men still doing it"

Callum -"I'm not that brave"

Ashley - " Me neither little man, but thank God for those who are"

Callum- "Yeah, bless them, every bloody one of them"

Ashley - "Past and present"

Callum - "Past and present"

I just thought I would share it with you.


  1. Amazing. You must be so proud of your boys. It's wonderful that they appreciate and have given serious thought to what those brave men and women do and have done.

  2. What amazing men you have surrounding you. They do you and themselves proud.


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