Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lime Green and Hot Pink

I was woken up by this little mouse this morning,
Who had arrived at my house in the little lime green and hot pink box.
He said he wanted to show me this lovely kitchen in his castle.

So we went off together to his lovely paper castle.
I really liked this wall paper and the little mouse asked me if I wanted to see more of his castle.
So we wandered round his little castle starting in the lounge.
He said that if I came to stay, I could have this room to sleep in.
And he gave me some flowers.
We had some brunch on his terrace,
with his little friend, flora the pink pig.
We ate cup cakes,
a lot of them.

Afterwards we had a little rest on his cushions, well we did eat a lot of cakes.
He showed me some fabric and asked me if I could make him a quilt with it, which I said I would be happy to do with that fabric.
We past even more pretty hot pink and lime green flowers.

He showed me the room that Flora, the pink pig sleeps in.

Then he showed me his bedroom
But sometimes he gets bored in one bedroom, so he has two.
Then we went and had more cakes with all his family and friends, in his great big hot pink and lime green dinning room.

It's ok I haven't gone mad, well not completely, I just went to bed thinking about lime green and hot pink. This was due to Liz, over at finding Life Hard. Click to find Liz here. Liz is funny and smart, I love to visit her.
You see Liz is thinking about a lime green fridge, which reminded me of a dinning room I had that was lime green and hot pink, everyone told me I was mad to put the two colours together, but most were surprised at how well it came out.
I just thought it would be fun to show the two colours together. tee! hee!


  1. Oh Lia, I love how your mind works. You're amazing. This post is fantastic. I LOVE these pictures. Lime green? I'm on board!

    You make my day dear. Thank you :)

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Now I really am lusting after the lime green fridge (with fuchsia accessories obviously).


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