Sunday, 2 August 2009

A to Z of London.

Here's a little laugh for you.

A girlfriend of mine called round today for coffee and I had just finished a conversation with my Callum, who had asked me to make some rice to go with tonight's chicken dinner that I had made a little over a week ago (he's a little fussy about food, but is in general very good). This rice had been based on a paella dish and I had managed to hide the peppers, by chopping them extra, extra small. This is how it went.

"Mum, can you do that rice with the peppers I don't like, but I like the rice, you know the flavour"

"Well, I don't really have all the right ingredients, but I don't fancy going to the market, so I'll try to endeavour to make you something similar"

"Ok Mum, you endeavour, ha ha"

Knock on the door, Callum opened it, as I headed for the kitchen.

"Hi little man, Ya Mum in"

"She's endeavouring ha ha"

"But her cars here"

"I know, I told you she is endeavouring"

"Well I hope it's not raining there, she has had some bad luck this year with the weather; and anyway where is Deavouring, she never said she was going away again?"

At this point Callum could not contain it any longer and just fell about laughing.

By the way we have always called Callum "Little Man" and his elder brother Ashley has always been "Big Man", funny really as Ashley is about 5ft 11in and Callum is 6ft 4in.

Some one once asked Ashley, what it felt like to have a little brother who was taller than him and he replied,
"It really isn't an issue for me, he's still my little brother, but what annoys me about it is when people like you seem to think it's some sort of life time achievement for my little brother to be tall. I'd like to see him, with the intelligence, drive and ambition he has, aim higher that that as a goal"

Well said that man :)


  1. I am cracking up over here Lia! Oh my gosh, you make me laugh out loud. This is great. I've got the giggles now, and I'm TRYING to read it to hubby...LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    (psst I would LOVE to buy a couple of the totes you make! Just let me know when you get the next batch done)

  2. well I was going to make a comment, but I'm too busy with the bubble wrap!
    Got here via Mel's


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