Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bear's New Trick

I have to tell you what the wonderful Bear has learnt to do.

As you know, he is our stray cat who lives in our garden and I have managed to get him from the back of the garden right up to the back door now.

This makes life easier for me, as it means two things,
A) I know when he's in the garden, so I can then feed him more often.
B) When it's pouring with rain, I don't have to get wet feeding him at the end of the garden.
So we both are winners in this.

We have a cat flap for our house cat Misty, set in the patio door.
Sitting in the dinning room, munching on a sandwich just a few moments ago, I heard the cat flap. Not in the normal way, as if Misty had just come in. I dismissed it as the wind, then it went again. It wasn't Misty, as she was in her now normal prone position and fast asleep.
Then, it went again and again very quickly, so I got up to see what was going on.

As I looked there was a little face staring back at me, then his little paw came out and he hit the cat flap, as if he was knocking on a door.
My smart clever little Bear has learnt to knock on the cat flap for attention, how smart is that.
I'm beginning to realise just what a little smarty he truly is.


  1. How sweet! Lucky Bear pussy wants your attention! How does Misty react? She might take a fancy to him mmm? Our Clo has a thing for doors - she doesn't like them shut but when they're open, she sometimes whacks 'em closed with her paw. Love animals' antics!! They're cleverer than we sometimes give 'em credit for!

  2. He's smarter than your average bear, boo-boo!

  3. Dave and Mark, Misty just about tolerates him, they have had a couple of fights and are evenly matched, however Bear knows that this is her space and will back down from her, but only 'cos she has taught him some manners now. Mostly they skirt around each other. But are slowly getting better, they actually sat about 5ft from each other a few days ago.

    Cogitator, your so funny.


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