Friday, 10 July 2009

Whose The Mamma!!!!

Call me old fashioned, but I will be darned if I will tolerate one of my 3 kids calling someone else Mum.

Darn it! I earned that title the hard way, as the only parent of these 3 bright and beautiful kids, the only parent, the one that stuck it out. It would rock my World and throw my mind into chaos.

I earned the money, doled out the discipline, cleaned up the sick, mopped fevered brows, got them through homework, teenage angst, mood swings, washing, ironing, cooking, shopping, paying the bills, lost teddy bears, fights over who has the remote, rainy Sunday afternoons, picnics in the park, camping in the rain, bed-time stories, nits, chicken pox, mumps, colds, coughs, lego, trips to the zoo, sea side, school trips, lost school ties, new shoes x3, ABC, learning to read and write, table manners, manners, social graces, death of Grand parents and Great-Grand parents, seriously stupid hair cuts, learning to bike ride, learning to swim, feeding the ducks, going to the farm, tom and jerry, monopoly, pokemon, barbie, mobile phones, facebook, the importance of breakfast, good nutrition...................................

I could go on, you see there's Shakespeare, poetry, history, culture, respect for their selves and others, dignity,decency and family loyalty.

For years now I have been busy doing all this, so when one of mine asks me would I ever be offended if they were to call someone else Mum, the answer is a resounding Yes.
You may wonder where this has come from, one of the friends of my kids has started to call his girlfriends mother Mum.

I would be totally mortified if one of mine was to do that, there's no way I am standing in a room with some other woman listening to one of mine call out Mum to another living person.
This may seem petty to some of you, but I earned the right to that title, the title mum is a badge of honour that I wear with pride and I would have to seriously question what it was about my mothering, that was lacking so much my lot went off to find themselves another Mum.

As some of you know my relationship with my own mother was a some what rocky ride and at best she tolerated me, however I would never call another woman mum. We only get one.

I was pleasantly surprised when my lot said they would never consider it, until the oldest Ashley said, "Not now you've had a rant about it,well certainly not in ear shot of you haha". Little toad, I should have smacked him into line when he was a kid!!!!!!
Once we got all talking about it, they all said that they couldn't really imagine calling someone else mum, they all feel that it would be disrespectful to me.

Funny thing is, I actually have two long term foster kids one boy one girl, both in their early 20s, with kids of their own, who call me Mum, yet I have never really batted an eyelid at that.
Although I did tell both of them that they should really keep that honour for their mothers, both basically said I had been more of a mum, so more worthy of it. I never encouraged them to say it, but neither did I out rightly stop it either. Mind you I am never likely to be in the same room as these two women who can loosely call themselves mothers.

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