Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dyslexia and Him!!!!!!

I adore my partner, I really do.
He's a great man, with so many good qualities, but there are times he drives me nuts and this is one of them.

Some of you may know that I am dyslexic, now I have never let it get in my way, totally refuse to be held back by it and as a result I am a very avid reader.
I actually never learnt to read until I was about 8yrs old and it is really only due to the efforts of my older brother Roy, who spent hours with me as a child going over and over letters and words and helping me to form pictures in my head in order for me to be able to spell.

For example the word bed forms a picture in my head which enables me to spell it. Let me explain,

b= the headboard and pillow.
e= the person curled up in bed.
d= the bed end and the covers squashed up at the end of the bed.
altogether it equals - bed in my head.
It may not make sense to you but it very much does to me and there are many, many, words were I have to form a picture in my head in order to spell them. This takes but a nano second.

I know what your thinking SPELLCHECK Lia, use spellcheck, well I would, if it wasn't for the fact that it is American and often the spelling are different, which can actually lead to far more confusion for me. On the plus side, as a result of my dyslexia, my children have grown up to be excellent spellers, due to the constant cry from me of "how do you spell such and such and what knot"

I pride myself on being able to spell, form fairly coherent sentences and read.
So imagine my horror when today, I started to write a post for you guys and along came the beautiful beloved, who reading my post over my shoulder said to me "Babes, that's not how you spell my name, it's an i not an e, in Francis" You see when I started this blog I had decided to use every ones middle names or nick names and for the beloved I choose to use his middle name and I did check that it was 'i' and not 'e'. However when I first started he told me that I was spelling it wrong and it was spelt with an 'e'. Now today he tells me I am wrong. We had a little tiff about this and I said to him that I had even got him to write it down the last time he had said I was wrong in the spelling, I really am glad that I made him do that, because it meant that I was able to go over my notes and there it was in his own handwriting....FRANCES.

I am beginning to wonder which one of us is the dyslexic!!!!!!!

Off course it now means I have to go through my whole blog and change every post with his name in, but at least I know I was right in the first place, after all I have the proof in the man's own handwriting. I wonder if I can get a new pair of shoes out of all this, mmmmmm shoes!!!!


  1. Go for shoes, yeah! Mind you if I had to buy a present for every time I was wrong, I'd be a pauper on the street :)

  2. yeah, but the wife would have great shoes.
    I have settled for help with a massive household clean up.

  3. I think help with a clean-up is a better reward!

    Why does your blog freeze at the sight of me?!!


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