Thursday, 9 July 2009

Don't Panic Captain Mannering!!!!

It's 10 days to my first camping trip of the year in our new Bell Tent.
Now some of you may remember that I was suppose to be testing it out in the garden one weekend a couple of weeks back. (See my post entitled "British Weather (summer))

Well, the madness that is the British weather put paid to that, which is funny really, when you consider that we were meant to be ironing out any problems that the weather might throw at us, while halfway up the country and with no car for the first week. (Francis can't join us the first week and at the moment we are a one car family) So the first week will be spent with my sister, which we are both very much looking forward to. The kids are staying home, which doesn't bother me in the least, as I have left them all here before and found no evidence of mad young peoples parties, so I guess they either don't take too many liberties; or are very good at covering their tracks ha ha ha. Basically I trust them, so I am not worried.

So what's the panic, Oh, that will be that we haven't been camping for two years and I haven't tidied, cleaned, sorted, organised, or otherwise done anything in the garage for about the same length of time, thing is we were going to sell the house a couple of years back and we basically emptied every thing into the garage, in what can only be described as an haphazard manner; and over the last couple of years we have added all sorts of other things to it as well.
For starters: there is most of Francis flat in there from when he moved in with us.

You guessed it, in amongst all this total chaos is the rest of our camping equipment!!!!!!!!

Don't Panic Captain's okay, I'm doing it for both of us!
If you don't see or hear from me for a while, please sent a St Bernard and a rescue team, as I am clearly lost under an enormous pile of junk.

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