Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Busy Doing Nothing

I have been so busy to day running from job to job and taking on way too much....phew!
What a day
, I have had.....Oh ok I can't lie, I have had a do nothing all day long, day.
You may well call it laziness, I prefer to think of it as recharging my batteries lol.

I just thought you might enjoy this as much as me. Oh happy memories of days gone by and loved ones passed.


  1. What a great clip!! They don't make films like that any more.

    Hope your batteries are recharged. xx

  2. I so love an old film, not just because they don't make them like that anymore, but for me it's more to do with the memories of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon curled up on the sofa with the women of my family watching old movies, listening to then chatting of signing along while their knitting needles went at 90 to the dozen and not a male memeber of the family in sight as they were normally off playing or watching football or having a pint or two no a Sunday and then off to the allotments. Oh simple days.

    Batteries are ready for the next round of madness, a total clean up of the house, top to bottom.


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