Friday, 10 July 2009

Morecambe and Wise

There is an advert on the TV, that is driving me nuts. I have known for sometime that the voices singing it are familiar to me. I just know I should know them. But until now they have alluded me.

I can't sing, not if the lives of my kids depended upon it could I carry a note. In fact if the note was in a box, within a box, like a Russian doll of boxes and they were placed in a carrier bag with good strong handles and a hulk of a muscle man helped me to carry it around, I still couldn't carry a note, yet has this deterred me from phoning friends and relatives and squawking down the phone at them in my bestest of best singing voices....Oh No! not me.

It has been driving me nuts, I sereached the inter-net, scoured youtube and racked my memory.
Then, there as if from nowwhere, while chatting on the phone with Nutty, it all fell into place.
Mind you, it so didn't help that I was looking at the wrong advert, turns out the ad is foe a VW and I had been looking for an Audi advert. Hormones, I'm blaming them!!!!!!!

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