Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Blog Buddy Alert

Right, I am still having trouble reported to me by a couple of my blog buddies.
However my blog buddies Dave and Mark, over at DavenMark
have given me a bit of a clue as to what may be wrong and it could well be my playlist at the bottom of my blog, which has been having copyright issues, there seems to be some sort of copyright problem between this country and America, but not between Europe and America. I don't really know all the details, as I got teribly bored reading it all.

So in the interests of peace and harmony, well ok I really don't want to loose blog buddies, your all fast becoming friends, I have taken it down.
Please can you let me know if it is now better as I know it has been driving some of you nuts.


  1. IT'S BETTER !!!!...thanks for doing that....I was going NUTS. It's working fine now....will be seing a lot more of you!!!! XXXX

  2. I don't remember having any trouble in the past so I'm still good. At least when I'm here!!

  3. Ah, well....I've had multiple issues with loading the page--but I figured it's just me. LOL

    The good news--no errors this morning. So whatever was broken, seems to be fixed!

    Mind you, I did some upkeep on the laptop as well, so who knows.
    (non-techy person that I am, I have no clue! LOL)


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