Thursday, 30 July 2009

Giant Art Deco Inkwell.
A massive cut crystal Art Deco inkwell, liner and cover, the heavy base of square section with diamond cutting to base, glass well and heavy domed crystal cover with conforming diamond cutting around the rim, French circa 1920.


height: 19 cm ( 7.5 in. )
depth: 15 cm ( 5.9 in. )
width/length: 15 cm ( 5.9 in. )

Materials/Techniques: Cut crystal.
Creator: unknown

provided by Pullman Gallery

Pullman Gallery
14 King Street, St. James's
London, UK SW1Y 6QU

Phone: 44 207 930 9595


I just love this, I think it is gorgeous, but then I do have a passion for crystal , art deco or vintage glass and I do have a rather large if more modest collection of said beauties. I have given you all the details in the hope that one of you will take pity on the poor inkwell and want to give it a good home and off course as it is on sale in London, I will be only too happy to collect it for you and allow it to keep my modest collection company, until such times as you are ready to collect it in person....really it is far to nice to be shipped anywhere and I would be neglectful if I didn't bring it to you in person.


  1. You could write a few letters with the amount of ink you could get in that beauty..... I love it, Lia, but I'm trying to declutter at the moment.!!! XXXX

  2. I decluttered a couple of years ago,all it means is you end up with lots of spaces to fill up again.......oh ok maybe that was just me lol.
    Some hoe I knew you would like this.
    much love
    lia xx

  3. It is beautiful, Lia! I'll see how many pennies I have in my penny pot and send them to you. Then if you could add the rest for me ...

    It's looking good blogwise; I haven't frozen yet!!


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