Saturday, 1 August 2009

Shop Safe

You know how it is sometimes with shopping, you really can't be bothered to go to the shops or you are just way to busy, or you don't fancy trolling round the mall, getting elbowed out of the way by rude people who walk through you as if you are not there. Spending the day in queues and listening to other peoples kids screaming the place down. Or is that just me!!!!!!

So you reach for the inter-net and push buttons instead. You do your shopping believing that all is safe and well, after all you did all the usual checks and the company you buy from has the suffix, so it must be safe, it also has the safe purchase certificate at the bottom of the page.
It must therefore be ok.

However when your purchases arrive there is clearly something wrong, this isn't what you ordered, what the devil is going on. Basically you have been scammed and with no come backs, even if you did pay with your credit card, you won't be covered by the normal means of protection. Basically you are screwed.

I am struggling as to, how to simply explain this to you all, but basically there are ways out there to protect yourselves when buying from the inter-net if you are using a site and I would like you to know about them.

Go look here to find out more from the BBC

However there is a little hope for us all. If you are using a site that is suffixed with and it is called "WHOIS" look here to find out more.

This little gadget really does work. My partner and I have 2inter-net companies and I used it to see if it worked, up popped a load of info about us, all of which was correct. Which bodes well for when my own little new company goes live. While also proving to me that this little gadget really does do what it says it will do.

I am sorry to say that I don't know about other suffixes, but at lest we can all check out the inter-net companies. Shop safe people.


  1. VERY interesting post my dear Lia. I worry a lot about these things. I shop a lot from Amazon, and never have troubles. I'm assuming this little gadget will work for similar companies here too. I'm gonna go check it out so I can use it too. (I hate the mall!) Very nice of you to post this for us.


  2. Heck, I just detest shopping, period. *laughing* And you know how himself feels about lines at the checkout!

    I've never had problems with ordering online. *knocking on wood* Maybe if I investigate this little gadgety thing, that'll continue to be the case?


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