Thursday, 30 July 2009

Commuter Cat

How sweet is this.

Commuter cat is star of bus route

Bus passenger Casper
Drivers know what bus stop to let Casper off at

A cat has become such a well-known user of a Devon bus service that its drivers know where to let him off.

Casper has been queuing with other passengers to get the number three service from his home in Plymouth for months, bus company First said.

It added that he often sat in the queue and then quietly padded on board and curled up on a seat for the ride.

Casper's owner Susan Finden, 55, who picked him from a rescue home in 2002, said he had always been a free spirit.

Mrs Finden said she named her pet after Casper the Friendly Ghost, as he has a habit of wandering off.

I don't know what the attraction is but he loves big vehicles like lorries and buses
Owner Susan Finden

A spokesman for First said that drivers had been bussing Casper around for months, but Mrs Finden said she had only just found out about his use of public transport.

The care worker said: "He'd always go off and have a wander.

"Once I had to walk a mile-and-a-half with a cat basket to bring him back from a car park.

"He does love people, and I don't know what the attraction is but he loves big vehicles like lorries and buses."

A notice has been put up by First in the bus drivers' rest room in Plymouth bus station asking them to look after the rogue passenger if they spot him sneaking on board.



  1. What a lovely story Lia.....and what a smashing cat... I had three cats( all gone now unfortunately )and they all had different characters. There's a lady near me who takes her dog out for a walk every day and her two cats follow her and go for a walk as well...not quite as exciting as Casper but I always smile when I see them go by. XXXX

  2. This is a fabulous story. I love the kitties, and this one certainly has a great personality! Thank you so much for posting this Lia. It made my morning :)

    psst...I love your blog! I love the aesthetic of it too!


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