Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Feather Brains

Proof positive that chickens aren't as stupid as we think they are.
Each and every one of these is a hen house/chicken coop, they are so marvellous that when I pass to the next life I want to come back as a chicken.

These chickens don't even have mortgages and yet they live in palaces.
Oh and I have no idea where I found these photo's they were just stored on my computer.


  1. I wondered what these photos were of! Chicken houses? Since when have chickens become to particular or revered, I wonder. And where does one find such chicken houses?

  2. I really don't know where you can get hen houses like this, I just had a file of photos and I have been deleting them to make space on the laptop.
    Sometimes when I am bored I just pick a subject and image Google search the word and end up with a whole load of mad photo's. I really should go out more lol!

    Maybe the chickens are going to take over the world, one backyard at a time, a lot of them certainly seem to have better houses than me.
    much love,
    Lia xx


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