Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sea of Plastic, uck!!!!!

Pretty this isn't!
When I think of the Oceans and seas of our beautiful planet, this is not an image I have in my head.

Floating around in the Pacific Ocean is an island of plastic, made by us.

Now having looked into this a lot and in the interest of fairness, well on my part anyway, I want to state here and now, that this is not just Americas fault.
You see if you go to you tube and type "Pacific Garbage" you will find a huge amount of info there that can get you started in more research, should you be so inclined. A lot of this info will have you believe that America did this.

Well I firmly believe that "WE" did this, this isn't just down to one country, It's down to "US", each and every one of us.
We now know that the World is round and that all the living things on the Planet are linked to each other, your linked to me right now this very moment, just because you are reading my blog.
Seriously though, we are linked to each other in a far deeper way, if I create too much CO2, you will eventually breathe it in.
If I throw my plastic waste into a river it will eventually wash out to sea where it will be picked up by the sea and ocean currants and eventually end up in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

A prime example of this is the story of 29 thousand yellow plastic ducks that fell off a cargo ship in 1992 and into the ocean, they took 15years of drifting around before they began to wash up on the shores of Great Britain. See here for more details on their travels

We have to stop playing the blame game and start to clean up the mess we have "ALL" created.
We are treading a very thin line, when it comes to tiding up behind ourselves.

Remember your 3r's from school, well they have a new meaning now and it's time we all learnt them.


Oh and in case you don't believe in Global Warming, I say to you,
"What harm does it do, to tidy up our planet and reduce the amount of waste we create"


  1. Very true Lia.... at least we are all starting to recycle a little more now....but not enough, it seems...I'm trying my best. XXXX

  2. That's all any of us can do. Trying is better than nothing.
    Lia xx

  3. Absolutely, Lia. The tale of the ducks was a lesson we should all learn from.


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